Happy Holidays, Y’all

Before we dive head first into the next two weeks of non-stop holiday madness, I just wanted to take a second to wish all of you a wonderful end of the year and ass kicking 2015.

May your children sleep when they are supposed to, have fabulous manners, make only minor messes and embarrass you in front of your in laws only minimally. May the wine flow freely, may the hugs be abundant, may the laundry wait patiently while the hum of arguments is drowned out by joyous singing and merriment (or headphones. Whichever.) I wish you many vacation days and maybe a few winter camp days for your kids because DAMN that’s a long break.

I hope your dishwashers run smoothly and your garbage pick up comes in a timely manner. May you, your children and all your loved ones act with grace and kindness or at the very least, fake it with gusto.

From my family to yours, peace and harmony. (TM Madame Gazelle)

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