Magical Monday


This Magical Monday I’m grateful:

* For this strange burst of energy and motivation that engulfed me yesterday morning, prompting me to clean out our spice cabinet, clean out the pantry, AND totally detail our refrigerator (I was scraping things off with a toothbrush yo!). And in the middle of all that, I planned our meals for the week AND went grocery shopping with 2 of my boys! A SuperWoman kind of day! (Jenn 😉 )

* Last Friday I was EVIL! And I mean EVIL! I was in the kind of mood where everything pisses me off and I don’t even want to HEAR the sound of anyone else’s voice. Not even my own. While I hate this kind of mood (truly, I’m not afraid of anything else in the world except for ME being in this kind of mood!) I’m truly grateful it happened on a day where the boys were with my Hubby for a good chunk of the day. Later they had a friend over so I could guiltlessly ignore all of them. So even though I had a SuperMess kind of day (Jenn 😉 ) we all made it through unscathed. Whew!

* I’ve had to take the last 3 months from aerial silks due to a pulled muscle and while that’s not exactly magical, I’ve used my time to instead exercise my brain. I started zentangling a few weeks ago (sooo up this doodler’s alley!) and this weekend I tackled the Rubiks Cube…and SOLVED it. Ahem. Yes, I’m impressed with myself.

My fav zentangle
My fav zentangle


Oh YEAH I did!
Oh YEAH I did!

* For Pandora One. The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Holiday is my FAVORITE station right now. Christmas music with some electric guitar, YEAH!

* Flirting with the idea of learning to play electric guitar. I even picked out a purple guitar with a lotus flower. Maybe Santa will put it under my tree.

* The Potato-Cheddar-Ale soup my hubby made for dinner last night! Soooo good and now we have leftovers for tonight.

* My boys are SO excited for Christmas. They are counting down on their own homemade calendars.

* Fireplaces and hot baths ~ anything that keeps me warm.

* Oh! I’m DONE Christmas shopping for all three of my boys. And all their presents are wrapped. AND even their stockings are already stuffed! I ROCK! Now, if I had any idea what to get my hubby…..

* Doggie walks in the woods with all my boys and coming back pink-cheeked from the cold.

* Tea and coffee ~ anything that keeps me warm.

Don’t forget to notice the GOOD this Magical Monday. ♥

8 thoughts on “Magical Monday

    1. Oh, the soup WAS so good and for the leftovers last night we stirred in some garlic/cheese croutons ~ it was Heaven in a bowl! And I’m so tickled you shared my cube victory with Dan! Teehee!

  1. I LOVE zentangles! I discovered it on youtube through an article on ASMR. I love to watch them color in the zentangles and I have also tried it myself. Fascinating.

  2. Oh you rock sister! My fridge is such a disaster, I’m too afraid of tackling that project. I love that you are working on exercising your mind, what a great way to challenge yourself. Thanks for reminding me to look for the good in everything. During this hectic season, I can lose sight of that sometimes, but it’s really what’s most important.

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