Must Book a vacation…

Just like every working mom I know we are stretched to our limits, about to flip out and so exhausted we can’t even remember what NOT TIRED feels like. We all love our families and would not change a single person (well maybe I would love to skip the tantrum years but come on who wouldn’t) but man it is so tedious some days.

I feel like I am a hamster on the wheel most days and it is not really going anywhere. The worst part about this is even though it feels like it this is actually not the truth. Over the last year my partner and I have accomplished a lot. In the last year we welcomed a new addition to the family, transitioned to a one income house, and I have definitely made strides in my professional and personal life.

When I become so no appreciative of my life I know what that means for me.

IT means I need a fucking vacation. Doesn’t have to be extravagant but what it does have to be is KID FREE. I know a lot of people are side eyeing me right now. HOW COULD YOU WANT TO GO ON VACATION WITHOUT YOUR KID?

Or maybe you are saying: HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT HAPPEN?

Either way I will tell you why and how we make it happen at least once a year (except years of new babies, LOL)

First off we find great deals on vacations. We are not a rick family by any means, but instead of Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or other non essentials we put some money away hear and there. You will be surprised how much of a trip you can get for not much. I also look over deals from Groupon, expedia, friends, Craigslist, anywhere you can think we look at it.

We also call out the family and friend brigade to help watch the kids. Many people would not ask, or want to but many of my family have kids and friends as well and we have watched each other kids overnight. It may seem like you are burdening them but when they utilize you in return you realize it is a partnership to non crazy parenting fun and it won’t seem so bad.

So we have worked out family and friends watching the kids for each maybe a day or two and made a schedule so not one of the sitters get sick of watching them. This is imperative because we so far have never had a friend or family member say they cannot help again in the future. This is probably the hardest part for mothers and parents everywhere. To actually ask someone to watch your kids. I have had to basically beg some of my friends to leave them overnight with me when I knew they needed it. After they did they realized that maybe their kids are awful for them (as all kids are) but most kids are on nest behavior for family or friends.

When my husband and I go away for anywhere between 3-7 days it is amazing. We actually start to remember why we love each other. There is no work, and no kids, no tantrums, and no midnight potty breaks. There is just two well rested, calm people who are not being bothered by a boss, or family member. You cannot imagine how much more sex I want to have during these trips and it even lingers after.

I also think actually planning something without the kid will give you something to look forward to. Boss at work is a real asshole? All I think is a few more months and I won’t be here I will be on a beach, or at a log cabin. Kids driving you insane? No worries in a few months the hotel doesn’t allow crazy toddlers 🙂

I have said over and over before I believe that partnership, marriage, career and parenthood is hard but you may not be able to change the stressors of work or parenthood but you can always work on your partnership and marriage. Most people put this on the bottom of their to do list which is funny because when your relationship suffers pretty much everything else does to.

So  I am here today ready to plan like 6-7 months in advance a trip. I do not know where, or for how long but god dammit I am going to find something I can afford or swing because this working momma needs it and maybe you do too?

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