3 Generations of Cookie Love



imageWhen I find a Christmas cookie recipe that meets race reviews, I hold onto it forever. I’ll bake it again and again, and share it with anyone who asks. This is one of those recipes.

As the story goes, my Grandmother, who was living in Brookfield, Connecticut at the time, was given this recipe from her next door neighbor. The confection, Slovak  Squares, is a light and buttery Hungarian shortbread, with a thin layer of strawberry jam spread in the middle. I remember asking my mother why we made a Hungarian cookie when we are Italian. She said, the cookie is just that good, we can’t not make it every year!  So, when one of my favorite CT Working Moms, Melissa, alerted me to a cookie contest the Hartford Courand was sponsoring, I HAD to bake these. While I did not win the contest, I was named a Top 20 Finalist, and had my recipe featured on their website. Hope your family enjoys these as much as mine!!

You can find the recipe here- http://www.courant.com/holiday/hc-recipe-slovak-squares-20141205-story.html


2 thoughts on “3 Generations of Cookie Love

  1. I love you and all of your baking. These look (and sound) delicious! Congrats on placing in the contest! You’re a top runner AND a top baker. Woot!

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