Magical Monday


This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Reading Holly’s post about real vs. fake Christmas trees. We get a real one each year ~ the whole cutting down tradition ~ and it’s been fun. But the only place to put the tree in our house is over a forced-air-vent, so the minute we set it up it starts losing needles. I’ve been vacuuming non-stop for a week now and told hubby our “real tree days” are numbered. Loved Holly’s perspective on the fake tree and it’s causing me to rethink. Of course I have a good 25 more days of non-stop vacuuming ahead of me ~ well see how I feel on Dec. 31st.

* My total awesome, well-used central vac. I have a GREAT appreciation for it this time of year.

* My boys and I have been spending our lunch-times watching Christmas movies and eating picnic style on the floor. So far we’ve watched all four “Home Alone” movies and “Elf.” I think “Rudolph” is on deck for today.

* Getting just about ALL my Christmas shopping done for my boys. Got most of the wrapping done too. And their stockings are already stuffed and hidden away. I looooove getting this stuff out of the way so all that’s left to do is ENJOY.

* The lasagna I made last night with my Mom’s homemade sauce recipe. I’ll be eating this all week.

* All the SHIT I got done last week. I took the cats to the vet for a round of shots, got the dog fence fixed that’s been broken since summer, AND I cleaned out our huge basement AND got all the garbage hauled away. I am infinitely impressed with myself. I also took my boys to the movie “Big Hero Six” and that was so much fun!

* Now that our basement is neat, tidy, and clean we have 900 square feet of basement to play in. It’s a GREAT place to ride scooters and rollerskate. Yes, I broke out my rollerskates! (And fyi, it’s NOT like riding a bike. You DO have to learn it all over again!)

* All the updates on my Love From Baby site and my super-awesome friend, Michelle, who helped me! (Fyi, there’s a whole new FAQ section with filled with Spirit Baby awesomeness, that answers questions like “Do I have a Spirit Baby around me?” Hmmmmm…do you?)

* Taking my doggie for walks in the woods and coming back all pink-cheeked from the cold.

* Tea lights. I light them every night in my Magic Room aka my office.

Don’t forget to focus on the GOOD stuff this Magical Monday. ♥

2 thoughts on “Magical Monday

  1. I love to hear that you’re getting so much done! I’m also always happy to help you with web stuff 🙂

    My magic:
    -Decaf french vanilla coffee
    -The giveaways we have lined up for this week – I LOVE giving away awesome stuff!
    -Hosted a house party about paid family leave Friday night and it was so much fun! I had made a jeopardy game and people really liked it.
    -Starting every monday reading about YOU and YOUR magic 🙂

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