Home With the Kids: Make a “Got-Done” List

I have an excellent idea for a post.  Tragically, that idea will go unused for tonight, because I lack the fortitude to battle my current state of exhaustion.  This was a weekend known in this house as “drill weekend,” when DH spends both Saturday and Sunday up at the Guard base.  I, in contrast, spend all weekend pretending I can get work done while yelling at my kids not to pummel each other.  Boys, you ask?  No, I have two girls.  The four-year-old is more docile than the two-year-old, who likes to do these forceful body flops on her sister, the cat, my stomach, the floor.

The kids finally drifted off to sleep around 9:00, and DH came home shortly after that.  He just came in here and tried to talk to me.  BLAAERGHH, DON’T TALK TO ME WHEN I’M BLOGGING!  Especially when I’m blogging frantically after thinking about blogging all weekend and wringing my hands over not getting it done.  It’s not really his fault, but my resting bitch face is truly a face of bitchiness.  It’s not something I feel the need to explain away as just an unintentional look on my face.  I’m really bitchy right now!

So I came on here to whine and moan about how, as usual on drill weekend (and truthfully, most weekends), I got absolutely NOTHIN’ done.  But then I remembered that in my world, I tend to limit what I consider “things that got done” to “work-related things that got done.”  So yeah, while barely a point two of that got done (fellow lawyers will appreciate the expression), let’s review what else I checked off today:

* 3 loads of laundry washed, dried and put away

* last night’s dishes done

* breakfast, lunch and dinner served and cleaned up

* bribed toddler with chocolate to encourage weaning (she’s two and a half.  i’m done.)

* straightened out pile of school papers for sorting later (let’s not get ahead of ourselves here)

* grocery shopping with a preschooler and toddler

* cleaned out fridge to make room for new food

* swept kitchen floor

* washed yucky lunch tote with dried pineapple juice leaked all over it

* entertained children and headed off meltdowns with baby pig videos on youtube

* washed two bras (that shit gets HAND washed, too)

* cleaned litter box, kept cats alive

* also kids were kept alive

Shazam.  I would say that was a weekend of much productivity.  It is now 10:00, and I am going to sleep.  Next time you wring your hands over how little you got done due to watching the kids all day (or is that just me?), try making a “got-done” list, and stop worrying about your to-do list.  I strongly recommend it for inducing that false sense of accomplishment you need to brighten your day!

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