A Christmas Tradition

Each year we get together with my husband’s family to cut down our Christmas tree, in which we kick off the day with a nice family brunch. This year, we are hosting brunch at our new house and are very excited to have all 15 family members over in a house that can actually fit that many people. Our old house was too small, so this year will be very special. It’s been a busy week grocery shopping, cooking and of course, cleaning, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After brunch, we will be going to my mother-in-law’s house where Santa will be visiting us on a fire truck! I know, right, how cool is that?! After a quick Santa appearance we will be heading to a Christmas tree farm in Middlebury. My husband is always quick to find a tree, where me on the other hand, takes about an hour to find the perfect tree! Hopefully this year, as our daughter is now 2 ½, she will understand it a little better and help pick out the tree.

Traditions like this are so simple, but yet very meaningful and important. The holidays are a time to make us reflect and give joy to those who we have.

What are your favorite holiday traditions? What are your childs favoriates?

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