The Best Mom Hack Ever: The Sock Box

We need to get going, please go put on your shoes and socks.

Where did you put your socks?

Please go get a pair of socks.

We’re going to be late, please put on your shoes and socks.



I can only assume that a similar heated conversation is going on in your house on a regular basis because it occurs in mine  Add in the need for hats and mittens for winter and I lose my shit every time I need to leave the house with my children. I had enough.  I needed a solution.  Thankfully a solution magically appeared and it’s so good I must share it with you.

We keep all our winter accessories in a cardboard box and I mentioned to Honey that we needed a better way to store them.  He mentioned we get a plastic tub to put them in, which would also make it easier to store them in the basement off season.  Genius.

And then it hit me…put the socks in a box too!


Our family keeps kid shoes in a basket by the garage door.  We keep their socks in their dressers upstairs.  Why has it never occurred to me that this is a bad idea?  My girls usually get dressed for school in our family room anyway.  Why not keep the socks in that room?  This idea is really so dumb it’s brilliant.  Conveniently enough my girls both wear the same sock size too.  We bought a small box and put all the socks inside.  Now the girls can just go to the box and get their own socks.  Putting them away on laundry day is easy-peasy too because I fold laundry in the family room where the box is conveniently located.

No judgement on the organized clutter, ok? Look at my cute little sock box down there!

Since we started this there have been no fights over getting shoes and socks on in the morning.  None.  Zero.  Angels in heaven are singing over the success of this intervention in my life.

Mornings saved!

Save yourself a little sanity in the AM and go get yourself a sock box!

8 thoughts on “The Best Mom Hack Ever: The Sock Box

  1. Oh yes! we have mini laundry baskets for socks, underwear, and whatever seasonal activity is going on at the moment (snow stuff, bathing suits, ect). It rocks!

    ps – confession: i never bother matching up socks and just throw them randomly into the bin so my kids are never wearing matching socks. i’m sure they will be discussing it with their therapist years from now.

    1. Elise, I don’t usually do kid laundry, the nanny does and she folds them. Ironically, she never wears matching socks! I don’t think you’ve scarred them too much with that one.

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