Hiding Places

Hey, everyone loves their family. Of course they do. Spending time with my own family after a long day at work is the best. Knowing that the weekend is approaching gets me all jazzed up. Climbing into some cozy clothes and catching up with each other is awesome.

But you know what else is awesome? Finding a good hiding place, coming up with a chore that your partner will believe is important or actually needs to get done, or just creating any other kind of solid excuse to get out of the house for a little while. There are times when driving away from my house can feel like a jail break. Are you with me? I’m sitting here writing this now at night — lunches are packed, the house is clean and quiet. Sometimes It’s hard to believe that I actually feel like that. But it’s very real.

So I asked a lot of my mom friends, as well as my husband (at the risk of him outing himself), to find out where their favorite places to hide are.

*The bathroom / shower. Number one choice with many of parents. It’s easily accessible and demands privacy. It also serves as a good place to eat snacks for many of you. (This number was actually higher than I had imagined.) The downside: as kids get older, privacy is out the window. Also, houses with one bathroom.

*Any number of errands that take one outside of the house. Popular with my husband: Lowe’s. Popular with a healthy amount of you ladies that I polled: the grocery store. Please note that the “grocery store run” also includes sitting in the parking lot eating snacks purchased minutes before and surfing on your phone. (And you feel like an absolute genius while you’re doing it.) It should be noted that before a parent leaves to run errand of choice, the partner staying home with the child/children can usually be heard saying: “Don’t you want to take child’s name with you?” or “Child’s name, don’t you want to go with Mommy to the store?” This is a signal to grab your keys and MOVE, DAMMIT.

*The gym / going for a run. If your partner doesn’t appreciate and support your attempts to get fit and healthy, then aren’t they just terrible and selfish? {wink, wink}

*Yard work, various forms. My husband definitely takes too long out there sometimes, which is not very funny. But what is funny (to me) is my BFF’s frustration with her husband riding around the yard on his John Deere for HOURS with headphones on. He has cleverly disguised this action as something called “mowing the lawn”.

Honorable mentions: Target and sitting in the car before/after work and/or before/after daycare/school pickup/drop off.

Where do you ladies hide?

6 thoughts on “Hiding Places

  1. Yard work and the gym. This year I lost raking the leaves, officially adding it to family time. I’m a little bummed because we have A-LOT of trees and it took hours!

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