A Thanksgiving Prayer


Motherhood is a tough job. Throughout the year, it is EASY to get caught up in complaints; feeling sorry for the things that we wish were better – help from our husbands, more time, more sleep, more exercise, more control. Thanksgiving is a chance to sit back and really THINK about our lives in the broader context of life around us, and realize what gifts we have been given in our otherwise random lives.

So, here is my Thanksgiving prayer; a reflection on the things that have been gifted to me:

Today, I am thankful for a stable job that keeps me financially secure;

for my health and my family’s health which gives us the strength to enjoy life and seize the day;

for having received, and being able to give my kids a strong education because I truly believe that it is the door to opportunity;

for the music that makes my soul sing;

for friends who are real – the ones who keep you laughing, who keep you grounded, and who tell you the truth no matter what.

I am thankful for my beautiful children who have given me the opportunity to experience motherhood and who have given my life meaning;

and I am thankful that my children still believe that Mommy and Daddy are the center of their universe.

I am thankful that THIS is my life – for as much as I do complain, I know that I have been blessed.

May I never lose sight of the fact that all of these things are true gifts to me, my children and my family, and may I be able to teach my kids that their lives are gifts to them, too.

May all of our readers have a happy, healthy and peaceful Thanksgiving. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my random thoughts here in this forum.

Happy Thanksgiving! Credit: VLS

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