The Great Christmas Tree Purge

Our house isn’t teeny tiny, but it’s not huge, either. Our living space isn’t stingy for every day living (I happen to love this house) but when you need to consider a safe place to put a large tree covered in several dozen of your fragile, sentimental keepsakes, we need to get a bit creative. Our spot-of-choice for our Christmas tree is in the corner of our daughter’s play area; it’s in our main living area so we can enjoy its glow each night but out of the way enough that we aren’t tripping over it.

What this means, however, is a bit of shuffling as that space does double duty. Roughly a quarter of play space is lost for about a month, including some squares of her play mat and nearly all of our toy storage. This may sound like an inconvenience, but I can’t wait.

I’ve noticed, particularly in the past month or so, how my daughter’s play habits have changed drastically. She more recently plays with far fewer “things” and rather uses her imagination to augment a toy or doll here and there. That means that many of the toys in her play area have gone untouched for quite some time. And I can’t wait to get my hands on it all.

That’s where the Purge comes in: much of what goes out to make way for the Christmas tree won’t return. This includes the train table we sprung for last Christmas; she hardly ever played with it (you win some, you lose some, I guess). I love the Purge because it forces me to organize, pare down, clean up. The transition – and diversion – that a glimmering Christmas tree provides tends to gloss over the fact that some toys are gone, and the introduction of some new toys my daughter received as gifts helps, too.

You won’t usually hear me wishing for the colder months, but in this case I’m itching to shake up our play time routine with a fresh space and a couple new toys. Bring on the holidays and bring on the Christmas Tree Purge!

Nora and Auntie...enjoying?...Christmas two years ago. You can see our tree in the play area here. Photo credit C.Allard
Nora and Auntie…enjoying?…Christmas two years ago. You can see our tree in the play area here.
Photo credit C.Allard

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