Magical Monday


This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* My 9 year old getting a break from the role he plays in our family (I swear he’s a more responsible parent than either hubby or me!) and having a sleepover at a friends house. Long overdue!

* Garlic bread.

* Warm boots with sheepskin soles.

* Doggie walks in the woods with my boys many times a week ~ it’s always a reset button for all of us.

* I’ve been reading some of my favorite childhood books by Madeleine L’engle and really, really enjoying them.

* The fireplace in my bedroom that I turn on every chilly morning. My 3 year old plays with his cars and watches Thomas while I read for a half hour or so. I love our leisurely mornings…ahhhh….

* I’m taking my oldest to his science classes today in West Hartford. I plan on having him skipping the last class so we can go eat at Whole Foods together. I LOVE playing hooky!

* Tea lights. I light no less than 5 in my office (my Magic Room) every night.

* Legos! Legos are making my 2 littlest boys so happy lately.

* The bald eagle that gave me the pleasure of watching her for a good 45 minutes Saturday morning as she perched on a nearby tree.

* Had friends we haven’t seen in a LONG time over for dinner last night for “Sundays in the Tap Room.”

* This weekend I did my first zentangle design ~ this sort of art soooo appeals to me! It felt good to be creative in a new way.

* Bubble baths, bath salts, bath milks, bath beads, anything bath related!

* Hot tea.

* My boys are really looking forward to seeing their cousins at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

* Leg warmers. Yes, I wear leg warmers around the house and I absolutely LOVE them!

What are you grateful for this Magical Monday? ♥



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