The One Where I Thank My Friends

You guys. I know we’ve all heard and know IN OUR BONES the whole “it takes a village” thing on raising kids, but it really, really does. And I’m not even talking about literal helping of the raising children today. I’m talking about helping of the keeping me sane.

That takes a village.

I am very lucky and so grateful to have some crazy amazing friends. Some I’ve had my entire life (my sister), some for most of my life, some since college (which, omg, is like, half my life now) and some since my 20s (oh wait, THAT is like half my life. damn.).

What I find particularly incredible is that I’ve made some really great friends since becoming a mother, too. That can be really difficult. You know, once you’re a grown up, it’s not as easy to make friends, is it? Or is that just me? And then, when you add children, you can be so swallowed up by that role that you cannot possibly put in the time or effort to even keep up with the friends you already have (few and precious as they may be), let alone make new ones.

Yet, somehow, I have. And, hot DOG, do I have the best friends of all. Every last one. They give me parenting advice, they listen to my kid stories even if they don’t have/care about kids, they bring me wine and send me cards, they force me out of my comfort zone and make me do things like participate in photo shoots, paint and go horseback riding. They invite me to get-away nights and weekends and forgive me when I make mistakes. They love me and I love them right back. They make me want to sing the theme song from Friends to them, but I won’t because I don’t really have that great of a singing voice, but KNOW that I want to, friends. I hope you all know how very special you are to me.

Let’s get together soon, shall we? It’s been much too long. xo

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