Magical Monday


This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* Two dates with my hubby in less than a weeks time! Last Sunday we had an overnight in Northampton, MA (total awesomeness) and this weekend we had a dinner date. It’s been soooo good to connect. After 16 years together, he’s still my absolute favorite person to talk to.

* Walks in the autumn woods. We went as a family with our doggie yesterday and it was so lovely. I take my boys regularly during the week and it’s always fun, even if there is initial whining and complaining beforehand.

* Hubby’s homemade chili! We ate in our taproom last night and that always feels special.

* Naps. Even though my 3 year old is done napping, I still work one in for myself most days of the week. Yesterday my little one surprised me by joining in. It was a nice break for all of us.

* Our firepit. We haven’t used it all that often, but we used it last night and toasted marshmallows. It was really nice.

* My motivation to clean and declutter lately. I cleaned out my entire office on Friday and Saturday morning. I’d already done a total clean-out last year, but this time got rid of even more stuff that I don’t need or want anymore. There is a fresh energy in there now and I just love it.

* I’ve cleaned and decluttered the entire house, so my last challenge is the basement. I’m not looking forward to it…but I sort of am. I really have been enjoying cleaning lately! I’m thinking I’ll get this done before Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll set up a play space down there…hmmmmm….

* Getting our doggie groomed. I’m making an appointment for her this week, ’cause as cute as she is, she sure does stink!

* Pasta salad. I made one last week and have been eating every day for either lunch or breakfast.

* Bubble baths by candlelight.

* Hot tubs under the stars.

What are you grateful for this Magical Monday? ♥


6 thoughts on “Magical Monday

  1. We did a couple of hikes, stew in the crock pot, and a little fire in the back yard this past week as well! I embrace fall … and this weather has been lovely! New job, falling into a new schedule, lots of giggles with my girl, some new work clothes and some very good sales. Very magical week over here as well! Love your lists, Kate.

  2. Love your decluttering!

    My magic:
    Snuggles with my girl.
    Having a weekly date night with my hubby, even if it is just in front of the TV after our girl goes to bed. We have a new favorite show and watch it every week together.
    I had so much fun going to a conference on Friday with 2 friends and my new boss. We drove up to Boston together and I swear my face hurt from laughing so much!
    A new boss that swears like a sailor 🙂

    1. Ooooh, I really LIKE your new boss! And I love your at-home date nights! Oh, I just love all of it, especially YOU!

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