The Fast Kid in Class

Last weekend, my son enjoyed running in his first official race!
Last weekend, my son enjoyed running in his first official race!

In elementary school, I was pretty fast. I can vividly remember playing tag in the front yard before the bell rang and running races across the back field during recess. I loved to run and was always one of the fastest, which made me pretty cool in elementary school. So, what a pleasant surprise and oh, such a treat to watch my Kindergartener enjoy the same joys of running on the playground with his friends.

With two drop offs now, I stay back with my son to bring him to elementary school for an 8:30 bell while my husband brings my daughter to childcare on his way into work. We are allowed to arrive at the school 10 minutes early, and seeing as we literally live next door to the elementary school, an 8:20 departure time works great for my son and I. He doesn’t know it yet, but I enjoy the playtime before the bell as much or more than he does.

I absolutely LOVE getting to watch him play with his new friends on the playground before school. He and his friends have declared the corner bench as base. As each of his friends arrive they join in to a group game of tag. My son uses many of the sayings and gestures my husband does as he challenges the friend who’s ‘it’ to tag him, and then he takes off. He speeds around the playground, running as fast as he can, with a huge smile on his face. The laughter and joy that comes from him and his friends as they play tag is contagious, and often makes me laugh right out loud.

My son is enjoying the benefits of being one of the fast kids. I could care less what he decides to do with that talent, I’m just hopeful he’ll continue to enjoy it. For now, I’m enjoying every morning I get to watch him run free around the playground, happy to be playing with his friends and happy to be one of the fast kids.

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