2 Kids Later, and Finally Wearing a Bikini


**Photo by Jean Molodetz of I View Photography**

Do you remember this picture?  It’s from our first CT Working Moms accidentally-viral photo campaign.  I’m the mom second in from the right.  (hi!)  We encouraged moms everywhere to simply embrace their mom bodies, and just love themselves as much as they love everyone else.  It caught on fast, and ended up being a pretty big, OMG moment in the right direction for moms everywhere.

Just a few weeks ago we all got together again for our latest photo awareness campaign, and during our photo shoot, I began to reminisce with a few of my mom homegirls about how this, the original photo shoot, actually inspired me to purchase, and actually wear outside of my house, a bikini.  And, for the record, I did not have a single ounce of wine when I did so.  Yep.  It took having two children for this mom to get the confidence to wear a tiny bit of spandex, in my back yard, splashing around in a kiddie pool with my kids.  Doesn’t that just blow your mind?

It’s a pretty sad thought of how most girls live their whole lives obsessing over how they want to change their physical appearance, and are just not happy with the way they look.  (GUILTY).  Before that photo shoot back in 2012, I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a bikini.  Oh HELL NO.  But then, there I was with my Mommas, my posse of like-minded girls who had all “been there, done that” for 9 months of pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum recovery, wearing nothing but a black sports bra and running crops.  My Ah HA! moment, if you will.  Oh, to hell with it, I thought.  If I can do this, then I can definitely wear a bikini outside of a store dressing room.  I think it was about a week or so later that I wandered over to the J.Crew website and added a bikini to my cart, submitted my order, and threw up my hands in victory.  And, never looked back.


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