I’m a Mom and I Vote.

i voted todayA week from today is Election Day and across Connecticut voting at the polls will take place from 6AM-8PM. I choose to vote for a variety of reasons, including that women in this country fought for the right to vote longer than we’ve have it and I like to honor that. Secondly, as the daughter of two school teachers, I was raised on voting by parents who shared their voting experience with me by bringing me with them to the polls. Finally, who we elect into office has the potential to impact our families, our children, our friends, and our state-for better or for worse.

This year, Connecticut voters will elect members to the U.S. House, the State’s Executive Offices which include Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Comptroller, Attorney General, and Treasurer, members to the State Senate and State House, and local elected officials, like the Judge of Probate. If you don’t know whose running in your town, you can review a sample ballot ahead of time and visit the candidate’s website for more info!

Connecticut residents will also vote on an important question this year regarding restrictions on absentee ballots. If the yes vote wins, state laws could be changed to allow for more flexible voting options, meaning we wouldn’t be given just one day to vote anymore…hello 2014.

If you want to vote but ran out of time to register, no worries! Connecticut has same day voter registration, meaning that with proof of identity and residence, you can cast your vote. So, next Tuesday when life’s daily chaos makes voting the last thing on your list, take a deep breath, remember that your voice and opinion matters, and if you need to, bring the kids with you to vote! Who cares if they make a scene…remember, there are stickers!

Have fun and happy voting!!

2 thoughts on “I’m a Mom and I Vote.

  1. I always take my kids and explain the process to them even though they are little. I have fond memories of going with my mom and it feeling so special. Today my daughter thought I said we were going on a boat and when we got to the school she asked “where is the water?”

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