All I want is…

Do you know what I long for the most now that I am a mother?

It isn’t all the extra money we had, or how I used to be able to take my time getting ready in the morning, or even the freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it.

What I miss the most are….


Doesn't he look so peaceful...We both miss our naps
Doesn’t he look so peaceful…We both miss our naps

I miss the days that if I felt tired or overworked I could lay down in complete silence close my eyes and drift off to slumber land. Even better I could take a nap for as long as I wanted.

Sometimes it was a quick nap of 45 mins and other days (usually after a fun night) I would nap for 3 hours!

As I type this it doesn’t even seem real.

3 GLORIOUS hours.

God what I wouldn’t give to just take a nap without having to plan it, and pray that my two kids will cooperate and both sleep while I am sleeping. Or that the house and piles of laundry didn’t need to get done. Some random days I do get a nap if my husband and I are both home, but that is tough to come by on the weekends.

The irony is my children are training my body to survive on little to no sleep and by the time they become teenagers and want to sleep more my body will be so conditioned I will be waking up at 5 am on my own. My only consolation to that is my excitement to wake the shit out of them when I can….at let’s say 5 am?

So send good thoughts to me today mommas that the sun and moons will align and I can maybe catch a small nap this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “All I want is…

  1. Naps should be right up there on the list with a fine meal, good sex and a great shit. I looooove my naps. Don’t worry — only 10 or so more years and you’ll be snoozing in ecstasy once more!

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