Describing the Indescribable

Motherhood. What an experience, huh? Constantly filled with so many emotions, often conflicting, sometimes irrational, always humbling. My feelings toward my relatively new title of “MOM” change from day to day, minute by minute. One second I’m filled with so much joy and love I think my heart might explode. The next second I am completely overwhelmed, scared, and utterly convinced I’m failing. Regardless of what unpredictable emotion I may be experiencing at that moment, one thing I’ve noticed in my 3 ½ short years of motherhood is the connectedness I feel to other mothers. We may have different backgrounds, be different ages and of different races, have birthed our babies or adopted them, have different ideals, parenting techniques, etc. but above all, we share this indescribable bond that is Motherhood.

To reinforce the theory that we are all kindred spirits bound by the universal love we have for our children, I reached out to some of my fellow mommas ranging from someone still growing her little one in her belly to grandmothers with multiple grandchildren. I asked them how they would describe the experience of Motherhood.

Here’s what they said.

Motherhood is….

“A balancing act, a marathon, a sacrifice, the greatest gift.” J.K., age 37, 4-year-old boy, 17-month-old boy

“A roller coaster. You don’t know where you are on what day it has its ups and downs, but the ride is so very worth every moment. Motherhood is Magic: Somehow magically make things happen and survive. Motherhood is a calling: On a religious note it’s God’s way of us sharing our beauty with others. Motherhood is your Journey through Life with your child or children.” A.D., age 49, 14 yr. old girl

“The hardest job you will ever love”, J.R., age 34, 4yr old twin girls

“Dreaming and worrying about my sons’ future more than my own.” K.W., age 34, 3 yr. old boy, 7 month old boy

“A blessing”, S.R., age 32, 14 month old girl

“A good reason to invest in better shoes.  Limitless and different everyday.  So far is the greatest challenge of my life.  A filter through which many things become so much clearer.  So far is weird.” C.L Age 33,  Preggo lady, 7months, sex not yet determined

“Accepting that normal is no longer normal” MSR, age 38, 3 year old boy, 14 year old boy

“Rewarding.” J.M. age 30, 2.5 year old daughter

“The best thing I have ever done with my life.” J.S., age 37, 13 month old boy

“Never-ending. Rewarded with grandchildren.” A.H., age 69, 46 year old “girl”, 38 year old “boy”

“More than yourself. Motherhood is life.” K.R., age 32. Almost 2 yr. old boy.

“An amazing yet exhausting journey that opens your eyes.” T.N. age 39, 6 yo boy & 5 yo girl

“Motherhood has made me a better person.” R.T. age 37, 4 yr old girl, 16 month old girl and boy

“The most terrifying, frustrating, chaotic yet extremely rewarding job that exists.” S.D., age 37, 9 year old girl and 5 year old boy

“Scary. Joyful. Frustrating. Stressful. Sacrifice. Unconditional love. Exhausting. Awe-inspiring. The best thing that has ever happened to me.” J.T.H. age 37, 3 yr. old boy, 8 month old boy

“Challenges your way of thinking and living.” A.M.B. 3 yr. old road runner… ooops boy. 4 yr. old daughter

“Rewarding, hard work, eye opening, stressful, a blessing, the best!” – K.P., 38, mom of boy 4 years old.

“Motherhood has come full circle for me. It has blessed me with some of the happiest and proudest moments of my life”, M.M., age 38, 18 year old daughter, 13 year old son.

“Easy entertainment. Snuggly. Boogers and spit up and applesauce in your hair. Both easier and harder than I thought. My new normal. Letting your toddler destroy the house because he’s so cute and obviously enjoying it. Higher priority than my career, surprisingly. Experiencing childhood again. A reason to get out of bed at the crack of dawn, and be happy about it.” L.D., age 33, 1 year old boy

“Chaotic. Stressful. Insane but rewarding and perfect all at the same time.” J.G. age 35, 3 year old and 20 month old girls

“A tornado; usually you’re spinning around with things flying at your head, but on occasion you hit the eye of the storm, and those moments are so beautiful, they are worth the wreckage. R.E., age 35, 6 yr. old boy, 4 yr. old girl.

“Unconditional love, unexpected hugs, and time never wasted.” A.M., age 34, 10 month old girl

“More amazing than anything you could have ever imagined.” C.T. age 62, 37 yr. old girl, 35 yr. old girl, 32 yr. old girl, 28 yr. old boy


No one saw what others had written (i.e. there was no option to “reply to all”)

Several moms submitted negative comments followed with “Just kidding, don’t publish that.” (My two cents: Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it sucks a lot. Believe me, it’s no secret.)

“Rewarding” was the most commonly used word, followed by “blessing”, “stressful” and “best.” See? We really are all kindred Mom spirits.


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