Supporting the Girls

My daughter is almost 1 now, and naturally I’ve been reflecting a ton lately about this crazy/great year and all the changes it has brought.  One thing that has really amazed me is how my body has changed.  When I look back at photos of my very pregnant self from one year ago, I can’t believe that I am back to any semblance of my pre-baby self.

I’ll admit, though: my boobs have been a big disappointment.  Let me rephrase that.  My boobs have been a small, saggy (but somehow weirdly pointy?) disappointment.

My boobs have been through SO many changes over the last year and a half, between the initial pregnancy growth spurt, to the larger ribcage, to having my milk come in, and then the ups and downs of pumping for 8 months… Needless to say, they are different now.  I resisted buying new bras after I quit pumping because I knew my size could still change.  But now I’m working a new job and am down to two bras that remotely fit – one of which is strapless and the other that is so big that it makes my right boob look concave.

Finally, I had an appointment for a bra fitting this past weekend, and it was a weird, wild, eye opening experience.  Full disclosure: I had been wearing a 36D prior to the appointment, and based on my unattractive back fat roll, my level of discomfort, and the whole concave boob thing, I figured I would end up in a 38C – in other words, bigger band, smaller cup.

Spoiler alert: I WAS WRONG.

My appointment was with an older lady – I’ll call her “Christina” – and she had a thick Eastern European accent.  Christina first measured my ribcage.  She demanded, “And what band size are you wearing now?”  I couldn’t even get the words out of my mouth before she let out a loud utterance that seemed a combination of disappointment and delight in my clearly low level of bra intelligence.  She announced that I was a 34 now.

Christina did not measure for my cup size or even ask me what cup size I have been wearing.  She just muttered that she would be bringing a few different styles for me to try as she slipped out the door.

She returned with two bras, both 34D.  This was so far off from where I thought I should be that I almost didn’t even try them on.  I gave in for the sake of the appointment, though, and found each of them to be unacceptably tight.  When Christina came back into the room, I showed her how ill-fitting the bras were.  She scoffed at me again, and in a swift motion, both let the bra straps way out and pulled the band down a good three or four inches.  It was still snug, but Christina explained that the front and back of the bra should be at the same level and that a snug fit was the only way to provide support and ensure that the bra wouldn’t ride up.

I was totally weirded out by all this and was entirely unconvinced that this was how bras were supposed to fit.  I had a little grownup tantrum and basically demanded that Christina bring me some 36 bras.  She did so, muttering something about how “it doesn’t matter to ME” and returned a moment later.  The bras she brought were 36C’s, which I figured was a setup so that they wouldn’t fit.  To my surprise, these were noticeably large, most notably in the cups, and the band was not comfortable.  I couldn’t believe that Christina was actually right!

You guys, this is a phenomenon that I still don’t entirely understand.  I feel like I’ve been told forever that most women are wearing bras that are too small and that we get those weird back fat ridges because the bra band is squeezing us too much.  As it turns out, at least in my case, that I was simply wearing a band that was too large, so large that it was riding up and actually feeling too small.  My cup size was fine – it was just that the band was not doing its job supporting me so I wasn’t filling out the cups.  This is kind of a relief in a way, because it means that my boobs haven’t maybe shrunk as much as I thought!  They are just more, ahem, spread out (or spread down).

Anyway, for more on this subject see Cora’s informative posts on boobs and bras.  And try a professional bra fitting.  I have only had my new bras for a few days, but I feel like my life has been one big bra lie and I’m enlightened now or something.  Are YOU wearing YOUR bra correctly???

6 thoughts on “Supporting the Girls

  1. This made me laugh out loud. Everyone should have a professional bra fitting, if only to experience the contempt of the Bra Nazi (they are ALLLLLLL like Christina). Stock up, Emily, because it has long been my experience that once you fall in love with a bra, the manufacturer immediately discontinues it!

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