Mothering is easier with a village..

Let’s be honest PARENTING is hard. Your life changes in this huge, wonderful, tiring, crazy way and many times you can feel very isolated. At the dawn of time when there were tribes this was when a village was the most prominent. Mothers, neighbors and families helped each other, if not lived with each other to help nurture the family unit but more importantly help them survive.

I know America doesn't look like this anymore.
I know America doesn’t look like this anymore. Photo credit

I know today living in a first world country like America there is less of a need to “survive” but it is sad that we have made parenting a very isolating event. Some people (like myself) are very blessed to have a close family who we can depend on for support but I also have widened the net to my neighbors.

I have these amazing families in my neighborhood that have started to become an “extended” family. We all know how it starts: first just strangers smiling and waving out of politeness but then you have a choice: you can keep it surface level and distant or you can reach out and build a relationship or even better a friendship.

I decided to reach out and luckily my neighbors were receptive. Then the conversations went beyond just “hello” and onto more. American mothers in particular are AWFUL at asking for help. We have become guilty of feeling bad when we reach out, whereas we should know from day one that we shouldn’t do it alone. It truly does take a village.

Imagine a world where you don’t have go it alone? Where it is not only an amazing blog that makes you feel connected to other mothers, but the people in your own back yard. After 3-4 years of keeping our relationships growing, my neighbors and I are now “friends” and even more have broken the barrier of asking for “help.” There is trust, fun and respect.

My two neighbor moms in particular (Susan and Tammy you ROCK) have helped me out in binds and I am eternally grateful but what I love even more is that they are on my list of people I can reach out to for help. I hope they feel the way I do, and know that I would help them out in a bind if they need it.

This whole parenting, adult, marriage thing is tough so why do we not try to make it a little easier? Go out of your comfort zone and get to know a neighbor, another parent at daycare, or work. You would be surprised how many other people are looking to add to their village as well.

2 thoughts on “Mothering is easier with a village..

  1. This is such a great post, Katie. The only people on my street are retired couples, but a few years ago I made a whole bunch of zucchini bread and started delivering it to my neighbors (with my kids…and wearing my wings. 😉 ). They were all so receptive and each one invited us in. I met 5 great couples. But then I lost my mojo and still haven’t finished meeting the rest of the street, lol. Thanks for the inspiration to continue.

  2. I was literally just thinking about this very thing! We know our immediate neighbors but we don’t know them super well. I want to get to know the folks on my street better – I wish someone would throw a block party or something (maybe we’ll just have to!)

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