Top 5 favorite Romantic Comedies

Last week during a conversation Honey mis-identified the movie that goes with the quote “I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen.” Naturally, I took to Facebook to air my grievance and was surprised at the response my post got.  Including the response from Honey who evened things up by calling out the fact that I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction (sad but true).  I’ve also been watching The Mindy Project lately.  Again, how did I miss this when it first started?  You people need to clue me into these things.  The Mindy character is all about romance in a romantic comedy way, she’s obsessed with watching romantic movies.  She truly thinks life and love are like that.  Which is probably why she has so much trouble with guys in the first 2 seasons.

In any case, I got thinking about romantic comedies.  Is it me, or as a genre has the rom-com died out a bit since the 80s?  I actually can’t remember the last new romantic comedy I’ve seen.  Anyone?  So I thought I’d share with you a few of my favorites.  I’m guessing you’ve seen them all but if you haven’t now you have some to add to your list the next time the hubster is out and your looking for something to watch.

5. Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore.  I loved her in this even though on the whole I’m not a huge Drew fan.  The best part of this movie is by far the kiss at the end.  Magic.

4. Say Anything

The movie the aforementioned quote comes from.  This film firmly cemented my love for all things John Cusack (although not Hot Tub time Machine, that I’m sure we’d all like to forget about).  This movie reminds me of my childhood.  I was 13 when it came out.  25 years!  I dare you to find anyone who hears the song “in Your Eyes” by Peter Garbiel and doesn’t think of this movie.  Cameron Crowe went on to do some great stuff after this directorial debut.  Although I always wonder, whatever happened to Ione Skye?  have you heard about this attempt at bringing back the movie as a TV show?  I am not in support.

3.  Princess Bride

As you wish.  This movie is actually 27 years old.  The horror.  Fred Savage pre-The Wonder Years.  Robin Wright before Sean Penn.  Carey Elwes before he got fat.  One of my favorite movies to be sure.

2.  When Harry Met Sally

Nora Ephron was  a genius.  If you’ve never read her books I encourage you to, her voice in all her work is unmistakable.  I think most people remember the iconic deli scene with Rob Reiner’s mother asking for a little of what Sally’s having, but this is my favorite scene of all, which was apparently all ad-libbed by Billy Crystal.  I’ve heard in an interview that Billy Crystal did it that way because he thought’s harry’s character would be nervous to ask Sally out and so he needed to do it in a funny voice.


1.  Notting Hill

This movie holds the top spot on my list of favorite rom-coms.  It’s so perfect.  Funny, light-hearted, witty, Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant.  What’s not to love?  If it wasn’t so long I’d watch it often.  This movie to me represents what real love should be about.  Struggle, hard work, respect, fun, and laughter.  I’d love a sequel to see what life is like being married to a superstar and raising kids.  Too much like Julia’s real life maybe?


Did I miss any of your favorites on my list? Let me know, I gotta find something other than Pulp Fiction for our next movie night!

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