Overwhelmed by the piles of laundry.

Overwhelmed by the dishes in the sink.

Overwhelmed by amount of toys in the living room.

Overwhelmed as my heart swells when you pause to lean in for a snuggle.


Overwhelmed by the constant need for attention.

Overwhelmed by the lack of sleep.

Overwhelmed by the fact that my schedule is no longer my own.

Overwhelmed by the warmth of your body as you sleep on my shoulder.


Overwhelmed by the need to provide.

Overwhelmed by the fear of something bad happening to you.

Overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for another person.

Overwhelmed that I created someone as perfect as you.


Overwhelmed by how hard and how easy this transition has been.

Overwhelmed by the amount and ways that you grow.

Overwhelmed by how proud I am to be your mom.

Overwhelmed by the love I have for you.


Photo credit Gena Golas.
Photo credit Gena Golas.

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