Two Parents sick = Worst time ever

One of the things I despise the most about adult hood is the fact that when you are sick you do not have your parents there to take care of you. I remember in graduate school I came down with the FLU. It was a week of hell and while my sister would check in on me (we lived together) and also my boyfriend (now husband) it was not the same as the tender loving care parents give to their sick young.

Fast forward to becoming a parent yourself and then get sick.


I brought home an awful cold/sinus infection and was praying that it wouldn’t spread. I washed my hands every day but like every other responsible adult I still went to work. I felt like dog crap the first few days but let’s be honest the kids do not give a shit that you feel like….shit.

My husband was great and let me sleep in, but groceries still need to be bought, kids fed, house and laundry etc. Then it happened… the second/third day when I felt like death my husband starts sneezing. It hit him like a ton of bricks too.

GREEEEAAAATTTTT now we both feel like death. The funny thing is the kids literally didn’t notice. We kept washing our hands, trying to limit exposure to spit and whatnot but overall I think my kids were happy as hell.

Still ALIVE after the plague..
Still ALIVE after the plague..

We basically became the laziest parents ever!  When your head feels like it is going to explode and ooze out mucus at any moment, the voice of a toddler is like chalk to a chalk board. TV was our best friend that one awful, overlapping day. PB&J’s for dinner and no fights about anything since we did not have the energy to withstand it.

I took a half day the following day to let my poor husband sleep and while I wasn’t in tip-top shape I was ten times better than the day before. My kids were not so happy as Mom and her rules came back from vacation. My husband is on the mend but let me tell you that I realize how much I loved being a kid and having my parents fawn all over me while I was sick.

Let the poor sick husband sleep...
Let the poor sick husband sleep…

It is so funny the things you miss as an adult.

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