Facebook Lessons

I admit it. I probably definitely spend more time on Facebook than I care to admit. But it’s so addictive. The pictures, who’s doing what, the town chatter, etc, etc.

Yet, in using social media, there are tons of tiny lessons to be aware of. We’ve all been exposed to those who have no idea where to draw the line, who behave like it’s their first time on the internet. Like there’s no such thing as a screen shot or as though their words may not live forever once they’ve been read. When I started to think about it, I realized that many of these lessons easily apply to how we might benefit from behaving properly “in real life”.

Status update: "Let's spread love."
Status update: “Let’s spread love.”

So these are some of the little nuggets that I’ve learned through my own – and others’ – mistakes:

*I can’t ever truly “delete” comments. Once the words are uttered, I can’t really take them back. Chose my words wisely.

*Moods are contagious. A positive, funny, or inspirational post can spread like wildfire. It can lift spirits or be the catalyst for a kind act. This being said, a little snark isn’t always a bad thing.

*I have the choice to “hide” people from my timeline. Sometimes this option is necessary to avoid being annoyed. I have the ability to “hide” people on a daily basis in the real world. Just walk away.

*How do I want to represent myself? What kind of image do I want to portray?

*Do I really have to get into this argument about politics / parenting / a controversial news story? Do I really need to try prove my point to someone who has no intention of hearing my point? Do I blame them? For flip’s sake, I don’t even know this person. No really, WHO IS THIS PERSON?

*Sometimes a little thumbs up or a little love can brighten someone’s day.

*Spend my time wisely. Sometimes I need to not get all caught up in drama and other people’s business when I have real life stuff going on right here in my own house.

*Don’t believe everything you read. Always consider the source. I mean, these graphs / polls / articles … who “shares” some of this shit? Did they attempt to fact check those statistics?

*Don’t compare myself to others. HELLO. Most people obviously post their best pictures and their best selves on social media. I need to chill out on thinking I’m a total loser because I and my family are not clothed in Vineyard Vines attire and spending 10 days on the Cape.

*OH MY GOD, WATCH WHAT YOU SAY. Because, like, everyone is connected. No, literally everyone is connected. Because unfortunately there was only one degree of separation between myself and the woman in my spin class that I hadn’t ever seen before and she wouldn’t stop talking and it bugged the hell out of me and I just had to post about it. And then I got called out on it. And then I had to lie. And I don’t want to talk about it anymore because it was super embarrassing.

*Passive-agressive posts and comments are ridiculously annoying. Just come out and say it, or let it lie. But don’t be an asshole.

Well, that’s all I got. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I haven’t been guilty of more than a few of these.

Post wisely my friends.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Lessons

  1. I love that picture! and YES. way too many people on the fb who act like it’s their first time on the internet! But, I’m all for more cats and babies in my newsfeed! 🙂

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