Short Hair Tips from a Short-Haired Mom

I was pleasantly surprised recently to find out that my most-clicked post is Mom Hair, wherein I wrote about having short hair.  When I wrote the post, I was afraid it was a sort of self-indulgent fluff piece, so I was really pleased that so many could relate.  I got several comments from readers and had many conversations with friends and loved ones about getting a short haircut.  Here are my best short hair tips for those who are considering taking the plunge:

Before your cut:

Don’t do it for ease.  I think one of the biggest misconceptions about having short hair is that it will make things easier.  This is true for me to SOME extent, but it is still a lot of work.  People seem to assume that short hair is automatically wash-and-go, but in truth, I have a whole hair routine – washing, conditioning, blow drying, and styling – that I have to go through daily if I want it to look good.  It is a much faster process than when I had long hair, but I do put a lot of time into caring for it.

Consider the expense.  In order to keep up my hair, I get a cut every 8 or 9 weeks at the cost of $60 per cut, plus tip.  I also buy expensive-ish hair products, as I haven’t found cheaper products that work nearly as well.  I will say that this is probably the one beauty-related thing that I actually do spend a decent amount of money on.  I’m a big-time bargain hunter when it comes to clothes and shoes, I do my own pedicures, I wear very basic makeup, and I also don’t color my hair.  So for me it evens out.

Don’t go just anywhere and to just anyone.  If you don’t have a trusted hair stylist in your life, then my recommendation is to find someone with a great haircut similar to what you want and ask them where they get their hair cut and by whom.  Yes, even if they are a stranger – it will be hugely flattering to them and very helpful to you.

Consider your hair type.  Talk to your hair stylist about whether the cut of your dreams would work with your hair texture and even your facial features.  Your stylist might also have ideas about what would work that you have never even thought of.

Bring pictures – yes, multiple – of what you want AND don’t want.  I find that pictures help me to show my hair stylist what I want without having to rely on my faltering post-baby vocabulary to describe it.  I also make sure to show what I definitely do NOT want – for example, I hate when my hair is too shaved up the back (a la Miley Cyrus) or too long in front (a la late-2000’s Posh Spice).

Do it gradually.  Instead of one big, potentially traumatic cut, think about having two or three less drastic haircuts over several months.  This can ease you into a new style and give you time and perspective to think about what you really want it to look like.

Me, my beautiful girl, and our short cuts!
Me, my beautiful girl, and our short hairstyles!

After your cut:

If there is something you don’t like, SAY IT, even during the haircut.  Better to ‘fess up now than cry yourself to sleep over it, especially when it may be fixable!

Sleep on it for a few nights.  I always find that my hair is almost a completely different texture when I leave the salon, and it takes a few washes and blow-dries to get it back to normal.  It probably isn’t until this point that you’ll actually see what your hair is going to look like day-to-day, so don’t panic if it isn’t your idea of “perfect” when you leave the salon.

If you need to, go back to the salon for a quick fix.  Many salons will have you back within a week or so for a small (or no) fee to do a correction on a style if there is something you aren’t happy with.

If you love it, take a picture right away!  This will help you in styling it yourself, and then when you return for your next cut, you will have the perfect pictures to show.

Remember: it will grow back!  And it’s only hair.  Really.

My overall message is that it’s not really that I think short hair is so awesome, it’s just that short hair works really well for me.  I am a firm believer that ALL women are outwardly beautiful, and we look our best when we feel good.  It’s all about finding what works for you, what you like, what you feel good in, and rocking it.

3 thoughts on “Short Hair Tips from a Short-Haired Mom

  1. True confession… I keep my hair this short, in part, because I exercise regularly and HATE sweatbands, pulling it back or if it whips my eyes. Thank goodness I also like it!

  2. I’m a major short hair fan and I loved your original post. As a former member of the short hair club, I agree with every single one of the points you listed. AND I STILL LOVE YOUR HAIR!

  3. I am literally getting my hair done tomorrow – this is great advice! I was considering going shorter to save time but you’re right – just because your hair is shorter doesn’t necessarily mean it takes less time.

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