A Story about a Stork, A Mom, and Two Babies

Credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / zdanu4ka
Credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / zdanu4ka

My son is obsessed with stories – not fairy-tale or illustrated stories that you find in books, but the kind that you tell while sitting around a campfire; the kind that you are forced to use your mind’s eye to illustrate.

Most nights before bed, we’ll sit down and either hubby or I will make up a short story. It always includes a boy named Bubba and a girl named Bree Bree (and nine times out of ten, it also usually includes farting and stinky feet). Last night, my son announced that he was going to tell the story.

So here, it is. A story about a stork, a mom, and two babies from the mind of a four-year-old boy (embellished by Mom for coherence…although, I have to say that most of the details are his…)


Once upon a time there was a girl named, “Mommy.” She was a good girl who wanted to be a mommy ever since she was a little girl.

One night, she was SOOOOOOO sleepy, so she went to bed while Daddy was still watching TV.  She was sleeping for a while when she heard something tapping at the window. She thought it was Daddy, so she got up and opened the curtains – it wasn’t Daddy; it was a BIG stork.

“Get on my back,” the stork told her.

“Where are we going?”

“To find your babies.”

“What babies?”

“Your babies who are waiting for you.”

Mommy climbed on the stork’s back. The stork flew away with Mommy on its back and she was cold because she was only wearing her underwear and a t-shirt (mental note: wear pants around my kids!!!). They flew for a LONG time until they got to a place in the clouds where there were babies everywhere.

“What am I doing here?”

The stork said, “You’ve been a good Mommy, so you get to pick one baby boy and one baby girl to take home with you.”

“Oh, yay!!!! I’ve wanted to be a mommy since I was a little girl!! How come I get to pick two babies and most other mommies only get one?”

“Because you are a special Mommy, so you get to pick twins.”

Mommy was so happy. She started to look at the boys and even though she wanted to take all the babies home with her, the stork said she could only pick one boy and one girl. She looked and looked and finally saw a little boy who had one Chinese eye and one Korean eye (a little inside joke with us because my son really does have one eye that looks Chinese and the other that looks Korean).

“Bubba!!!!” the little baby said, as Mommy walked by.

“I want this baby,” Mommy told the stork, “and I’m going to call him Bubba.”

Mommy picked up the baby, snuggled him, and then went to the girls. Mommy and Bubba walked around looking at all of the beautiful baby girls. There were so many to pick from – some had yellow hair, some had green eyes. They kept walking until they saw a tiny little girl dressed in a ballerina tutu. She had black hair, brown eyes and really red lips.

“Bree Bree!!!” the little baby said.

“This is the girl I want and I am going to call her Bree Bree” Mommy told the stork.

Mommy picked up both babies. Bubba snuggled Bree Bree. Bree Bree snuggled Bubba, and Mommy snuggled both babies.

“These are your babies. They are twins and will be best friends,” the Stork told Mommy.

“They are my perfect babies.”

Mommy was so tired because it was past her bedtime, so she decided to take a nap. When she woke up, it was time to go to the hospital to take the babies out of her belly. The doctor cut open Mommy’s belly (I told them that they came out of my belly when the doctor cut them out). Bubba came out first and when he cried, it sounded like “BUBBA.” Bree Bree came out second and her cry sounded like a squeak, “BREE BREE!”

And that’s the story of Mommy got to pick Bubba and Bree Bree, and had twins.

THE END (we ALWAYS have to end our stories with that proclamation).

The chosen ones. Can you tell which eye is Korean and which eye is Chinese on my little boy?


An end note: this is pretty much the story as my son told it (with some creative wording on my part, of course). I  have no idea where he got the idea to have the stork and the magic elements of the dream sequence, flying stork and magic words – maybe one of his preschool teachers told him that story, maybe it was read at storytime in a book at school. Either way, I love the fact that he knows that he and his sister are special little babies meant for me, I love that he realizes that being a twin is a very special gift, and that he and his sister are meant to be best friends forever.

9 thoughts on “A Story about a Stork, A Mom, and Two Babies

  1. Oh, I loved this, Vivian. My husband’s job is to do made up stories every night as well. I love that your kids are inheriting your wonderful imagination and sense of humor!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how AWARE our little kids are??!!! His story sent me to mush when he told me that he and his sister are going to be best friends forever. ❤ OMG!

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