12 of My Favorite Things! {A Celebration and HUGE Giveaway}

If you didn’t already know, we here at CT Working Moms celebrated our 3-year anniversary on Sept 1st! I’ve had this special post in the works for a while now and I AM SO EXCITED that I can finally reveal this surprise! Two of my favorite things are making my writers feel appreciated (because they really, really are!) and giving cool stuff away! My post today combines those two things in the best way possible. All of my 26 writers will be receiving the items below AND we’re going to giveaway all of these items to FOUR lucky winners! 

I want to start off with a huge thank you to everyone listed below. These companies/people really are the best, I’m not just saying that. Visit their websites and click on their social media links! A big thanks to them for helping me make this surprise happen. ♥

Without further ado, here are 12 of my FAVORITE things (in alphabetical order). Enter at the bottom of the post for a chance to win EVERYTHING!

1. Bandelettes

PicMonkey Collage

Have you heard of these yet? I first stumbled across their website when I saw something about them on Facebook. As someone who wears skirts almost every day to work, I’m far too familiar with the pain that thigh rubbing can cause. Bandelettes are thigh bands aimed at preventing chaffing and I’ve got to tell you – they work! I have a pair of the nude bandelettes (the lacy kind, I think they’re kind of sexy). I was worried at first that people might be able to tell that I had them on under my skirt so I asked a co-worker if she could tell and she couldn’t! Not at all! And they get fabulous reviews.

If you’re like me and hate thigh chaffing, check out this product! To see all of the varieties of bandalettes and to purchase them directly click here.

The 4 winner’s of our giveaway will each receive a gift card good for one pair of bandalettes. This way you can pick out the right size for you!

Follow them on social media: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr.

2. Choose to Be Nice

A few months ago I had the pleasure of connecting with Dina, the creator of Choose to Be Nice, after she read one of our writer’s posts about kindness and just loved it. It’s been wonderful getting to know her via email and to watch her Facebook page grow with tremendous speed. Her goal is to make the world a nicer place for everyone and she goes about this, in part, by selling these wonderful shirts:

Me modeling these awesome shirts 🙂


She also has a spot on her website where people can take a pledge to be nicer. It reads, “I promise to help spread kindness wherever and whenever possible. And to the very best of my ability, I’ll be nice to those with whom I come into contact on a daily basis.” This is a message that I absolutely LOVE. Here at CT Working Moms we’re all about valuing kindness and compassion.

I have to also add that Dina lives by example. She is incredibly generous (she donated 30 shirts for this piece!) and very, very kind. When the shirts arrived and I took a first look at them in person, I even noticed that she put thought into the way these shirts are manufactured:


So not only are her shirts helping to spread a positive message but they’re also made by workers that have access to healthcare, fair wages and other important work benefits. A win-win all around.

Each winner will receive a Choose to Be Nice Shirt in size Medium!

To buy your own shirt right now, head over to her shop. Also, make sure to follow her via Facebook & Twitter.

3. Deep Steep

I fell in LOVE with this company after purchasing their body wash from my local Whole Foods. It smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I feel great using it because it contains * No Parabens * No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate * No Mineral Oil * No Artificial Fragrances * No Chemical Preservatives  and it’s * Gluten Free * Not Tested On Animals * Vegan. As someone with a lot of knowledge about the problem of toxic chemicals in consumer products, I love to find companies like Deep Steep who have a commitment to creating healthy, toxic-free products.

deep steep

My 3-year-old even uses this because she loves the smell and because I’m comfortable knowing what’s NOT in this product, I happily lather up her loofah with it.

I’m not kidding, this smells SO GOOD.

deep steep2

I also want to share this little known piece of information about the company: the CEO & Founder Paul Lieber has Connecticut roots! He was born and raised in Waterbury, CT and attended Southern Connecticut State University! Knowing that the founder of this incredible, socially conscious company was raised and educated in our state makes me love this company EVEN MORE.

The winner’s will each get one full size bottle of Deep Steep body wash in Passion Fruit/Guava (my fave!). Make sure to follow Deep Steep on Facebook & Twitter.

4. Froyo World

My town has a pretty competitive market right now for frozen yogurt. But my daughter’s absolute favorite place to go is Froyo World! Seriously, she loves it there. It’s my favorite too but for different reasons than hers. She loves Froyo World because of the bright colors, friendly service and the fact that the Glastonbury location has a special room with this cool game that projects from the ceiling where you stomp on things like bubbles and soccer balls (seriously, this has kept her entertained for 45 minutes and it’s FREE). I love Froyo World because the parking is really convenient, it’s nice and big, the layout is great so you’re never stuck in a crowded line and they have smaller sized cups which are perfect for my 3-year-old (and my wallet).

Collage Froyo

I had the pleasure of recently meeting Mark Miele, one of the top dogs at my local Froyo World and he is really such a lovely person (pictured above giving with my daughter!)

We’ll be giving each winner of this giveaway a $5 giftcard that’s good at any Froyo World!

Check out Froyo World’s website to see if there’s a location near you. If you live near Glastonbury, check out this location. They even have a new 90-minute Lego session after school every Tuesday & Thursday with Play Well Teknologies (cost is $22/per session, full details here). Check them out on Facebook to stay up-to-date about their specials and happenings!

 5. Jamberry Nails

Have you heard of Jamberry yet? I actually discovered them a while back because I was admiring my fellow writer Christa’s nails one day when we were at the library for a playdate. I remember asking her if she painted them herself and she told me no, that she had just been turned on to Jamberry nail wraps! I literally went right home after that playdate and ordered some for myself off their website. My personal favorite designs are the ones that have a transparent background because I can put them on top of my nail polish to let the color shine through. But really, all of the designs are SO CUTE! Go see for yourself.


As working moms, it can be hard to find the time to paint your nails. What I love about Jamberry nail wraps is that you apply them and then they last sooooo much longer than nail polish. So really, I consider these extremely working mom friendly. They also don’t chip easily like nail polish can so you can wear these with ease as you do all of your normal day-to-day activities. I can’t say enough good things about these!

The winner’s will each get one package of nail wraps from the assortment Jamberry sent me. I can’t wait for you to try these!

Make sure to check out their large selection of nail wraps and follow them via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to stay up-to-date about their latest colors and styles!

6. The Kwagala Project

Giving back to those in need is really important to me so I’m thrilled to include an organization that is making a difference in the world. The Kwagala Project is the creation of Kristen Hendricks. After traveling to East Africa in 2007 and learning about the number of girls in developing countries who are forced into marriages, slave labor, and the commercial sex trade, she was determined to learn how she could help victims recover from such grim circumstances. Thus, The Kwagala Project was born and her organization has been helping to provide love, trauma counseling and education to women and girls in need.

To support their efforts, The Kwagala Project sells a variety of items on their website. These items are handmade by the women who have been helped by the project so when you’re wearing their jewelry or accessories, you know you’ve helped contribute to the success of someone in need.


Each giveaway winner will receive one colorful, beaded bracelet from The Kwagala Project!

Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’re moved to simply donate to this project, you can do that here.

7. Kelly Rae Roberts

I am in love with everything Kelly Rae creates. I’m not even kidding. Friends have purchased her items for me in the past and I have them hanging around my house as inspiration.

PicMonkey Collage

I love the vibe of her art. It touches my heart and my soul. It makes me feel inspired. It helps me remember to be the kind of person I want to be. Her Facebook cover photo right now captures her essence perfectly – it reads “I believe in creating art that tells the truth.” {Swoon}

I’ve picked up some of her beautiful pieces at my local Hallmark (yours may carry her work too!) but you can also purchase items directly from Kelly Rae over in her shop. She’s lovingly donated several items for this giveaway including this lovely framed piece of art and these inspirational bookmarks:


The winner’s of this giveaway will receive all three items – the framed art and both bookmarks!

Make sure to follow Kelly Rae on Facebook – she posts lots of inspiring, beautiful things. You can also connect with her via Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

8. The Knot Genie

This product has changed my life, for reals. Never heard of it? Here’s what they say:

“The Knot Genie™ and Teeny Genie™ Detangling Brushes were created for every parent that’s endured the foot stomping and screaming matches that come with brushing their child’s hair. With the Knot Genie, even the curliest, most knotted up hair practically slips through the unique bristle configuration – gently and painlessly.”


That sounds like a tall order, no? I’m here to tell you THEY SPEAK THE TRUTH. This product really does work! I brush my daughter’s hair exclusively with The Knot Genie and I very rarely hear those dreaded words, “mommy you’re hurting me!” And thank goodness. But something else wonderful I discovered about this brush is that it’s perfect for me too!

No joke – I, too, use this brush exclusively. I have long hair and for a long time struggled with brushing it. It gets tangled really easily and often times I’d experience a lot of pain trying to get all of the knots out. So much pain that I thought about cutting my hair shorter to make brushing it easier. But with The Knot Genie that pain is gone and I’m happy to report that I’ll be keeping my long hair (at least until the urge for a change comes!). I think people often think of this product as something for kids, but mamas, it’s fantastic for your hair too! Try it out – you won’t be disappointed.

Each giveaway winner will receive their very own Knot Genie! Make sure to follow them on social media via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. And if you want one of these ASAP, check out their online store.

9. The Silver Dahlia

In addition to my love of jewelry and accessories (the specialty of The Silver Dahlia) I also love supporting local businesses, especially one owned by a mom! That’s why I am so excited to include The Silver Dahlia in this special giveaway. Kim, the owner, has been a long-time supporter of CT Working Moms and is an absolutely lovely person. Her first location in Glastonbury did so well that she opened a second location in West Hartford! It’s been wonderful to witness how successful she’s been first hand. She carries all of the latest brands and has such a wide selection of styles of jewelry. She has tons of Alex & Ani, Vineyard Vines, Lily Pulitzer and Vera Bradley in stock and she also makes an effort to support local artisans by carrying jewelry and accessories made by people in the area. I love that!

If you’re looking for a little something for yourself or are in need of a gift for someone else, look no further than The Silver Dahlia! I’ve purchased many items from this store and have never been disappointed. In fact I purchased by favorite beaded wrap bracelet from the Glastonbury location!

The winner’s will each get a special charm from Waxing Poetic!


Make sure to follow The Silver Dahlia via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

10. Todd Parr

Todd Parr is by far my favorite children’s book author. My daughter absolutely loves his books too!



I’m trying to raise my daughter to be kind, compassionate, respectful of others and confident in herself and the messages in his books help me reinforce important lessons. Lately we’ve been reading the book It’s Okay To Make Mistakes and I’ve noticed a definite change in the way she responds to mistakes. Just this morning she said, “mommy why did you leave your glass in the family room? Don’t worry, it’s okay to make mistakes.” Ha, ha! Oh that girl.

I also find that I get reminded of important lessons too when I’m reading Todd’s books to my girl. As someone who has had a life long struggle with perfectionism, It’s Okay to Make Mistakes hits home for me. The last page in the book says something about how it’s okay to make mistakes, that even grown ups do, and that’s how we learn. I find a lot of comfort in those words and find that I often remind myself of this wisdom.

We love all of Todd’s books! Our absolute favorites are (other than It’s Okay to Make Mistakes) The Peace Book, The I’m Not Scared Book and The I Love You Book. You can see all of his books on his website or over at Amazon, but if you can find his stuff at your local book retailer it’s always great to support your indie book stores.

Each giveaway winner  will receive Todd Parr’s book Doggy Kisses 1,2,3 – he’s even signed each copy!

todd parr

 Make sure to follow him on Facebook as he often adds new graphics and it’s fun to follow what he’s up to! You can also catch him on Twitter and Instagram.

11. Whole Foods

If you follow this website you know we have a love affair with Whole Foods. We love all Whole Foods but I have a special fondness for my local Glastonbury store. They have been incredible supporters of ours and we’re always thrilled to work with them. As I was coming up with this list of my favorite things, I knew I had to include them somehow! They’ve provided me with my FAVORITE chocolate bar brand, Lily’s, for this post and giveaway.



I severely limit my sugar intake because I’m extremely sensitive to sugar. I’m the kind of person that can’t just eat one cookie or one piece of candy. In truth, I have a full-fledged sugar addiction and when I decided to change my diet, Lily’s became my life saver! Their chocolate bars are completely sugar-free and don’t contain artificial sugars either. Instead they are made with stevia which is a natural ingredient that has no impact on your blood sugar levels. For those moments when I really need a chocolate fix, I simply head to my local Whole Foods and pick up one of these delicious bars.

My Whole Foods has provided me with enough bars to give winner and each of my writer’s TWO! Yay for yummy chocolate!!

To stay up-to-date with Whole Foods Glastonbury’s sales and specials make sure to follow them on Facebook & Twitter. And if you need your own chocolate fix, they have a wide variety of wonderful brands and flavors, so stop in!

12. Yoreganics

Last but definitely not least, I’m so excited to tell you about a wonderful company called Yoreganics! It’s ironic that they follow Whole Foods in this post because I first met the owner Kim (another awesome working mama!) at a little expo highlighting local companies at the Whole Foods in Glastonbury. Kim has a wonderful story about why she created this company and you can read it in full here. In summary, she struggled with chronic debilitating pain for a very long time and began looking into how her diet and her environment might be contributing to the problem. Then her daughter developed eczema and had strong reactions to scents, cleaning products, soaps and different foods. Both of those factors combined fueled her desire to create products that help others heal their bodies naturally.

Yoreganics is a line of products that includes things like laundry detergent, stain remover, washes and balms. You can see the full list of products here. I personally have the “bye bye dry balm” and I absolutely love it. My daughter gets really dry skin on her cheeks – to the point that her cheeks are red and a bit bumpy. Every night before she goes to be we put on her “special lotion” aka this balm and it really does help to clear up and soothe her skin. She loves it too and particularly loves the smell – she thinks it smells like M&M’s!


If you or your child suffer from eczema or any kind of skin problem, I know that these products can help you because they’ve helped my child. The winner’s of this giveaway will each get their very own large “bye bye dry balm.”

Make sure to follow Yoreganics on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram. And if you give these products a try, snap a before and after picture – Kim loves to see how her products are helping people!

OK lovely readers! Thank you for reading about each and every one of the companies above. They are all phenomenal and I hope you’ll poke around their websites!

Now, onto the giveaway!

FOUR readers will receive all of the products mentioned above. Yes, you read that right, FOUR of you will win EVERYTHING! To enter, use the form below. You can score extra points for following us on social media and sharing this blog post. I’d love to know in the comments which products you’re most excited about, so let me know! (This giveaway is open to folks in the U.S. only, sorry international mamas! I love you tons, this decision is solely for shipping reasons).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: We received 30 of everything listed above so that our writers and 4 readers can enjoy these items! No other compensation was involved. //widget.rafflecopter.com/load.js

85 thoughts on “12 of My Favorite Things! {A Celebration and HUGE Giveaway}

  1. I just ordered 3 of the yoreganics product – for my kids and as holiday gifts. I am excited. Thanks for letting me know about the great product!

  2. Hello Michelle and Moms. Well, as a dad of an 8 year old girl, I listen to the moms out there as each of you talk about your children and I try to pick up some tips from each about what girls like and don’t like. I must say, I just bought the “Knot Genie” yesterday at Nana’s in Glastonbury. She used it tonight in the shower and Wow, it really works!!!. She loves it and so do I. I only wish I had more hair to use it too (lol).

    1. MARK! This made me smile. So fun to see you commenting here. I love the knot genie too – so glad your daughter does!

  3. Wow! So many awesome items , where to begin….the first one that caught my eye was the JamBerry nails, I’ve been wanting to give them a try.

  4. This is great CTWorkingMoms!! I’m not familiar with Todd Parr and my son cuddles with his books so I think that one gets my ‘favorite’ vote!

  5. I always look forward to reading this blog! So many giveaways! It’s hard to say what I like more! The bandalettes were a new thing to me! I’ll have to check them out! Thanks CT WORKING MOM!!!

  6. OMG – Bandelettes??? Why didn’t I think of this!! I had to order some! Thank you for introducing me to these. Your giveaway sounds amazing! Even though I’m an “older” working mom, I love CT Working Mom!!

  7. All the products sound amazing! I definitely would want the Knot Genie! My hair has alway been hard to brush though unless it’s wet.

  8. Just recently came across your facebook page. This give away is great. The Knot Genie will be awesome on my curly haired son. My boys love books and froyo too. And who doesn’t want a body wash that makes them smell good while wearing something comfortable to keep their thighs from rubbing.

  9. The deep steep sound interesting. I too can attest to the Knot Genie. Works beautifully and no more arguing (the best part).

  10. Congratulations on 3 years!!!! How did that happen?? This giveaway is amazing!!!

    I’m most excited about the bandekrttes for me and the knot genie for my daughter.

  11. What a great lineup! I’m especially excited to be introduced to Todd Parr’s books. I hadn’t heard of him and I’m always on the lookout for books that deliver good life lessons in a fun way!

    I’m definitely going to look more into the Yoreganics line of products. My little girl’s cheeks have been red the past few days and I think the “bye bye dry balm” could be the solution!

  12. I love your blogs, I am a religious reader!!! I am most excited about Todd Parr. He is one of my all time favorite children’s authors. Thanks again and plead keep on writing!! I love reading for advice and ideas for my daughter.

  13. So many amazing things. Love the Be Nice shirt, the body wash, the brackets, the chocolate, the froyo! Beautiful stuff – all of it. Thank you!!!!

  14. Todd Parr is my absolute favorite children’s books author. ‘It’s okay to be Different’ was the first book my daughter memorized when she was 2!

    I also love the hairbrush detangler! My kiddo has a very sensitive head (like mama) and brushing is difficult, to say the least!

  15. These products look amazing. I need the Bandelettes & the Knot Genie. Every morning is a battle with my daughters hair. And I love that some of the products have links to CT!

  16. The knot genie looks amazing. My daughter has such fine hair, it tangles very easily. I hate that I’m always hurting her to get it looking presentable!

  17. Winter’s coming and both my younger daughter and I have dry skin with eczema–would love an organic balm to help with that!

  18. What an amazing giveaway! I also have a Knot Genie, and I love it! It has probably saved my long hair from a rage-fueled cut several times.

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