Frugal Mom 101: How to Save Money Fast without Couponing! Part 2


Back in October of 2012, I wrote my most viewed post about how to save money without using coupons. For many of us busy moms, couponing, while it has its great benefits, is too time consuming. I would rather learn how to conserve and save money and in turn, teach my child about doing so as well. It’s a great life lesson to teach our children and hopefully it will stay with them into adulthood. Plus, who wouldn’t want to save money on their water bill or cut down on wasted food? It’s a no-brainer.

That being said, I’ve been busy at work coming up with ways to save money. Take a look at the list below and add in ways you save money too!

–        Conserve electricity. Shut off outdoor lights and instead use solar lights. It’s not just limited anymore to path lighting, you can purchase solar wall lights and string lights for the deck. If it’s a cloudy day and your entertaining, light come candles and dim your electric lights.

–        Portion control. Last week I researched the portion sizes for children and adults. I noticed that my one serving was actually worth over two! Even more interesting, my daughter’s portions were almost twice as much as it should be. Now, I realize why she’s not eating all the food on her plate, because it’s literally too big of a portion. From this portion control savings, I now get another three meals out of dinner by just watching how much we put on our plates.

–        Shower time. If you need some more loving in the marriage department, the heck with taking two separate showers, take one and see where it takes you. It won’t only just save money on your water bill!

–        Gasoline. If you live near a park/play ground, consider taking a stroll instead of driving. Not only will it save on gas, but your family will be able to get some fresh air and exercise from this savings.

–        Grocery Store. Instead of buying a pre-made box of uncooked rice, with all the preservative fixings, just buy a bag of rice, it’s cheaper and cooks in the same amount of time. Add the seasoning you want for a fresh serving of grains.

–        Grocery Flyer Shopping. Take 10 minutes out of your week (maybe even during lunchtime or work breaks), visit the grocery stores you shop the most and check out their flyers for sales. Make a list of what you need to get based upon what’s on sale.

–        Start a Garden. Grow your food has never been as easy and cheap as it is today. Start off with just herbs and even some squash, they are super easy and you will love eating what you grow.

–        Save Big on What You Wear. Shop local consignments stores and tag sales. I save a ton of money, just stopping by once every few months to see what’s for sale. Just scored a winter coat for my daughter (with tags) for just $15!

Happy Savings!

One thought on “Frugal Mom 101: How to Save Money Fast without Couponing! Part 2

  1. Nice reminders. I also hang laundry outdoors on the clothes line. We have lines in the basement for the winter. By eliminating the dryer and doing laundry, vacuuming, after 8 p.m. there is approximately a $10 monthly savings. Our electric bill is $88.00 each month

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