Learning to Juggle

Remember those days when an alarm clock woke you up and you had that delicious option of pressing “snooze”? Yeah, I don’t remember either. Today, my day started at 3:26am (is that even considered morning?) with a crying infant who lost his pacifier. After plugging him back up I went back to bed and as soon as I drifted off……”MOMMY!!!! I want to sleep in YOUR bed! There are no monsters in YOUR bed!” My bed is invaded by a 3 year old little person, who, by the way, sleeps perpendicular to me, with his feet in my rib cage. Edging over to the very last 6 inches of bed space, I try and catch a few more precious minutes of sleep when I suddenly remember I have to bring formula to Daycare (how could I forget that?!) It’s ok, I’ll just pick it up on the way there, which means I have to leave about 7 minutes earlier. I can do that. Oh but wait! I need to get gas too….ok, add another 6 minutes….zzzz…

No Snooze Button
No Snooze Button


What feels like 4 seconds later, the baby’s crying again. It’s 6:00. Time to get up. I bring the baby in bed with us and the boys do their morning cuddle routine as I throw on clothes (do you think anyone will notice this shirt has a spit-up stain on it? Is it ok that I wore these pants yesterday?) We go downstairs, I get the boys dressed, we’re doing great, everyone is cooperating, ok, time to go! Suddenly Jack decides he NEEDS to watch TV to see the Weather Forecast. Seriously? No honey, you cannot watch the Weather right now, we have to GO! I grab the baby, my keys, and start walking toward the door. I look back and Jack has taken his shoes off and is sitting on the couch trying to turn the TV on. You’ve got to be kidding.


Imperative knowledge
Imperative knowledge


Ok, kids are at Daycare, baby has formula, car has gas, I’m only a few minutes late to work, I’m good. See, I can do this whole Career Mom thing! That confidence fades quickly as I log on to my computer and am reminded of all the things I didn’t get done yesterday because I had to leave early to bring the baby to a Doctor appointment. What is that phrase? “Work/Life Balance”? Can someone explain how that works?


Eight hours of work fly by interspersed with scribbled To-Do lists (pay Children’s Place credit card), grocery lists (yogurt Jack likes) and emails from Daycare (Jack won’t eat carrots, Justus needs diapers). After work, I have exactly ONE HOUR before I pick up the boys. One precious hour to go grocery shopping, work out, empty the dishwasher, finish the laundry, wash bottles, oh yeah, and shower. I pick up the boys, which actually is my favorite part of the day because I miss them. However, as Jack starts screaming on the ride home that Justus touched him and he’s “yucky” I start to question myself.

 My husband offers to cook dinner tonight (thank you Hub!) so I pour myself a glass of wine. Oh that glorious glass of cabernet sauvignon that has been waiting for me all day. Glass in hand, my butt gets within an inch of the couch when, “MOM! I neeed you! I have a booger!” Oh boy, another 3 year old crisis. Can’t your father help? No, it has to be Mom. The next couple of hours are a whirlwind of events: spilled milk, tears, spilled Goldfish, more tears, little feet running on the couch (“No running on the couch!”), baths, sips of wine, wiping drool, kisses, more sips of wine, wiping butts, arguments over sharing toys, arguments over cleaning up toys, bedtime books, cuddles, and finally tuck-ins.

 And then…… SILENCE. I collapse on the couch, attempt an adult conversation with the hub, but to no avail; I’m spent. I drag myself up to bed and fall asleep within 3 seconds. As I drift off, I think, oh I forgot to take a shower. Oh well.

 A few hours later my little one loses his pacifier and it begins again…..

Bed Invansion
Bed Invansion



 There are days I am Super Woman, flying on auto-pilot through the day with ease, a Master Juggler of Life. However, most days I’m a Novice, my hands are slippery, I miss the beat, and those proverbial balls crash to the ground. I hope my Super Woman days begin to outnumber the ball-dropping days but for now I’m still learning.


Me (One Day)
Me (One Day)

4 thoughts on “Learning to Juggle

  1. I can’t even express how much I enjoy reading this blog! I feel like I have a wonderful group on Mommies who truly understand how I feel everyday. I smiled through this entire entry. Last night my Son (turning 3 in October) ended up in our bed and my husband and I have no memory of how. This is the first time this has happened. He usually ends up on our bedside and asks to cuddle and we either lift him in (if its within an hour of up time) or walk him back to bed. To make matters more interesting, we are both very light sleepers. I am still perplexed as to whether or not we didn’t hear him (he is a bit of a super sleuth) or if one of us is losing our mind and just can’t remember the events of the night.

  2. Nicely captured, Jessica. When my neighborhood SAHM friends say, “I don’t know how you do it”, I think, I don’t know how I do it either. Sometimes it’s all held together with tape and bubblegum.

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