Camaraderie & Community


If you are an avid CT Working Moms blog reader, you probably follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Which means you are well aware of our Big Anniversary this week!  Can you believe that we are THREE!  OMG!  We’ve been posting up throwbacks of some of our most popular posts and milestones over at our Facebook page, which made me a little (ok, A LOT) nostalgic.  I started thinking about where I was three years ago, and how much has changed for me since I started writing on this blog.  But really, it’s so much more than writing that we offer over here.  It’s comrodery and community.  It’s like Cheer’s, but with formula and breast milk.  And wine.  And sometimes a cool IPA.  No but seriously, what we’ve built over here is a place for you, dear reader, to come to commiserate, get advice, and in general, just hang out.

I’ll never forget the day our fearless leader, Michelle, reached out to me and asked me if I would consider blogging on her website, a place for moms to help moms, and with the special niche of blogging for Working Moms- a subset of the blogosphere that really had not been mined.  Sure, you can find a lot of great mom and parenting blogs out there, but this one?  This would be special-  it would focus on our core demographic, Connecticut, and would highlight the struggles and sometimes special circumstances of working moms.  (Well, we all know how that turned out!)  I agreed in a heartbeat to come on board, and since then, we have grown in leaps and bounds.  Not only do we offer solace and support for working moms, but to ALL MOMS.  Because you know what? ALL MOMS NEED IT.

I’m so glad you’ve joined us for this ride.  Can you only imagine where we’ll be in the NEXT 3 YEARS?! I can- right here, where everyone knows my name.


5 thoughts on “Camaraderie & Community

  1. This just made me smile so big! Love that you’ve been here for the entire ride and that our friendship has grown over the past 3 years too!

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