Back to School (In Gifs)

My daughter went back to preschool today!  I did enjoy summer with my family, but my daughter is the type of kid who needs school and structure and lovely, patient people to teach her stuff. Parents, you know it is quite a process just getting to this big day. There is back to school clothes shopping.  My daughter loves to shop and ran and spun around excitedly through the aisles of Old Navy wanting to buy practically everything.  She was in her glory.

running wildly

Then there is grocery shopping.  I had to go out with the kids to amass a vast arsenal of food for snacks and lunches.  I dislike grocery shopping by myself on a good day, let alone with a toddler and a baby.  It is difficult to stick to the task at hand because there are a lot of distractions and shenanigans always ensue.

grocery shopping

My daughter has been excited about starting school for days.  Every morning for the past week she would wake up and then excitedly ask me if it was time to go to school yet.  And then, the first day was finally upon us.  Mia woke up practically at dawn this morning with a spring in her step, ready for the glorious occasion!

wake up

I, on the other hand, could hardly keep my eyes open.

tired baby

With the assistance of lots of coffee, I snapped out of it, made lunches, and got her backpack ready.

packing lunches

Then it was time for her to get dressed.  We carefully planned her first day outfit last night, but this morning she declared it would not suffice and went through her closet to find something more acceptable.


Eventually she got dressed and ready and we got the precious back-to-school photos in:


In the car we went.  Drop off went smoothly.  In fact, we were 5 minutes early.  But of course, as I watched her stroll into school, all the emotions got me.  My baby is growing up.  Next year she will be starting kindergarten, then before you know it high school and, oh time is flying by so fast!

britney crying

Then the door to her little school closed behind her overstuffed back pack and I felt good knowing she is in a GREAT place.  On the other side of that door is a nurturing environment filled with caring people helping her to learn important life skills.

red school

Then baby and I got home.  He took a glorious, undisturbed nap and I was able to do work things in peace.  It was eerily quiet in the house and I missed my little girl.  I cannot wait to hear how her first day went. I can rest.
Ahhhh…now I can rest.

8 thoughts on “Back to School (In Gifs)

    1. Yay mama! So glad you had a great and productive day! I was able to clean my house and it stayed that way for a few hours. Woo!

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