Magical Monday


This Magical Monday I’m grateful for:

* This statement: “When people act the least deserving of love is when they need it most.” I had this saying taped to my refrigerator when my 2nd son was 3 years old. It’s a good reminder to pull out now!

* The Chester Fair. We go every year with friends and it’s always so much fun. Never disappoints.

* Schools starting this week! Even though I’m a homeschooler, I still REALLY look forward to school starting ~ this means we get the beaches, museums, aquariums and everywhere else pretty much back to ourselves. And I’m not going to apologize for LOVING this!

* My wonderful hubby. We’ve been kicking ass with the co-parenting lately, making sure that each of us gets the recharge and time away that we need. Makes all the difference.

* Hummingbirds! We have a baby brother and sister at our feeder multiple times a day. If you LOVE hummingbirds, get a feeder that can suction cup to your window AND that has a perch (they are actually pretty inexpensive). Our hummingbirds bring me so much JOY!

* Beer in a bubble bath at night ~ this happens for me a few times a week.

* Oktoberfest beer is coming to stores already! A favorite of hubby’s and mine.

* Asters, mums, and fall daisies!

* Deep breathing, running/walking in the woods, being in my garden, and reading in bed ~ my absolute go-to’s for when I need time to myself. Which, frankly, is often!

What are you grateful for this Magical Monday? ♥

10 thoughts on “Magical Monday

  1. Your list made me so happy! Even though I’m a teetotaler and not even a homeschooler … it made me smile. There is so much to be grateful for and I love your lists! I’m sitting and catching up on reading blog posts … everyone is in bed and I’m listening to the crickets and the peepers. The little stuff is awesome.

  2. I’m way behind in my blog reading, but so happy that there’s a magical Monday – they always feel like they’re just for me. I mean that quote – I’m printing it out RIGHT NOW.

  3. *Im grateful for my marriage – today is our 7th anniversary!
    *I love that fall is around the corner
    *so happy for the last two days I have with my kids before school starts.
    *grateful that school is near!

  4. Great list! I almost went to the Chester fair yesterday but just didn’t get there. It looked awesome! Also, that quote is something I remind myself of often when I need it!!

    I thought about you over the weekend. I read somewhere, maybe on MEM, that you went into the woods to do hill work. Good for you!! Hill running on the trails is the HARDEST, isn’t it? I find it to be and I like that challenge.

    1. Chester Fair is fun and small ~ my kind of fair. 😉 And yes, I’ve run hills twice the last few days and it totally kicks my ass! I haven’t done this in 15 years!

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