I Got This

Some days just aren’t that hard. Some are. So what makes those tough days so tough? And where does the confidence come from to help you sail through those easy days? Oh, if you’re looking at me for the answer, I don’t have it! I’m wondering too!

But, I’m always looking for inspiration, ways to be more grounded, feel more balanced. You know when I’m not looking for that? When I’m feeling sorry for myself, anxious, stressed out, overwhelmed. Sometimes I think that I just need to be in that negative space and ride it out. Like I need to get down sometimes to get back up. As long as the good outweighs the bad overall, I think it’s OK to just feel blue sometimes.

But there are some times when enough is enough, and negativity just serves no purpose for me anymore. Here are some things that I have been trying to put into practice in order to stay focused and balanced … Please forgive me if this comes off as preachy, it’s not my intention!

*Letting go of what I can’t control. I know, duh, right? But really, this is huge. It’s easy to get frustrated about what’s not fair … in the workplace, in the home, in my community, globally. But letting go of what I can’t control and being the change that I want to see is one of the ways in which I can release angst in regard to what feels like BIG problems. Frustration regarding others’ ignorance, politics, differing opinions, inequality? Be the example you want to see. Just try to make it real in your every day life. In the words of Tim Curry, starring as Dr. Frank-N-Furter: “Don’t dream it, be it”.

*Having a goal. A fitness goal, a career goal, create a task you’d like to complete. It could be small, so as not to create a lot of pressure, but also something that has positive rewards: Get in a walk today. Find 30 minutes to sit in a bath. Finish up that project at work. Kick the soccer ball with your kids. Hem those pants or sew that button on that shirt that’s been unwearable. Use your precious time wisely.

*Getting outside of myself. It may feel as though you’re giving yourself away some days and maybe you’re not doing anything for yourself, but paying it forward, small acts of kindness, or listening to someone who has a problem sometimes helps.

*Having an attitude of gratitude. Ever heard that saying about “if everyone put their problems on the table, I’d take mine back in a heartbeat?” True. Sometimes, I’m like, “UGH! Yard work is never done!” or “This house is a mess!” If I replace that thought with “I’m really grateful to have a yard, house, car, etc”, it certainly helps.

*Turning off technology and getting back to nature. Turning off the noise, communications, constant pressure equals PEACE. Get barefoot and water the flowers in the backyard. Sit on the porch in the evening and listen to the peepers. Take a walk in the woods. Noise makes stress that much more stressful. So does looking at frustrating, biased videos of differing opinions and flawless pictures of people on social media.

*Observing kids. Sometimes they make complicated situations really simple. Sometimes they make simple situations really complicated, as well, so just ignore them if they’re doing that!

Anyway, good luck on getting through the rough days and keeping your focus on the positive!


4 thoughts on “I Got This

  1. I love this, Tara! And getting barefoot to water the flowers in my backyard is my daily ritual ~ and it’s so calming even if I don’t always want to do it at first. Keep on rockin’ it, Sista!

  2. I identified with this so much. I often try to turn off electronics etc (I am totally addicted) and instead try to sit outside or watch my daughter play (or play with her). Lots of really helpful insight here.

  3. Really great reminders. Letting go is a crucial yet really hard one for me, and gratitude always serves as a base to keep me centered. Thanks!

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