My house smells like a urinal

Hallelujah ladies my son is potty trained! After two and a half years he is actually out of diapers and I am no longer stuck wiping “Man” sized poops from his ass. We decided to go with the plan that was described here and for us it worked wonders. Do not get me wrong it was an intense day and we did have a few accidents here or there but overall my son is pooping and peeing in the potty.

The first few days after my son got it I was walking on cloud nine. I literally felt proud and could understand why people take pictures of their kids crap and posted it on Facebook  I didn’t do that as I remember almost throwing up in my mouth when people did but I could understand why.

What I didn’t expect (even though parents had warned me) was the smell. My bathrooms went from smelling like cleaning products to a disgusting porta potty on a hot summer day.

It is always a trade-off right? I no longer have to change diapers but now I have to clean the toilet, toilet seat and surrounding area’s more than I ever had to?

Pee on everything you love

Do you think it would be OK to place pee pads around the toilet just to make it easier?

The funny thing is my son pee’s sitting down right now, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN HE PISSES STANDING UP?!

Can I have my son only pee outside?
Can I have my son only pee outside?

The rate it is going I will drown in urine….

I am not even going to ask if it ever changes, because I know it just gets worse but ladies can you share your cleaning products that help the most?

7 thoughts on “My house smells like a urinal

  1. Clorox wipes for the quick fix. Lysol All-Purpose Spray for the more intense cleaning. Pine-sol for when you want to completely obliterate the smell of pee and replace it with a pine forest. But the pee will rise again!

  2. My only advice: Cheerios or fruit loops in the bowl at pee time for “target practice.” With our seven-year-old we’re still working on the cleaning up after himself part. He’ll be talking away, not paying attention to his stream AT ALL! If he pays attention, he’s got it. It’s fun when you forget he pees in there now and you sit down BEFORE checking to see if the seat is wet. Ugh!

  3. Haha, I had this exact same problem. Interestingly, it happens WHEN they sit down because they end up pointing their equipment in the wrong direction and then peeing all over the bowl. I finally decided to get my son to pee standing up and it took care of the problem. I just have to remind him to watch whenever he pees because he sometimes gets distracted and turns around and looks at something at which point he ends up peeing on the wall or something.

    And do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of Nature’s Miracle (can be bought at pet stores). Wipe down the bowl, grout and floors/walls (if needed) regularly. Made a HUGE difference.

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