Birthday Party Success!

I’m here. I survived a backyard fourth birthday party with twenty kids! We pulled it off and it was a ton of fun! First of all, the good news is that I was invited to her birthday party after all! Also, I recently wrote about my birthday party etiquette confusion and I got some great response in the comments – thank you! We went ahead with the backyard party. I decided to make it very clear on the invite that siblings are welcome. I decided that instead of asking people not to bring a present, because people don’t really like showing up empty handed, I would offer an alternative of bringing some art supplies for her classroom. I don’t think any classrooms in her entire school will need to buy art supplies all year. We served beer (and then coffee) and I think that went over just fine. We had pretzel chips, pizza, watermelon, cake and ice cream. We made noodle necklaces, played soccer and ran in the sprinkler.

Her loot. We hid them behind the bed in our room so we wouldn’t have to deal with her asking to open them all at 8pm after the party! I sorted through and set aside all the school supplies.

The party was rainbow themed and for the favors I decided to send the kids home with a tie-dye shirt. I am the queen of coming up with a project I want to do, buying all the stuff, getting everything all setup and then wishing I would remember that I hate the work it takes to finish these projects. Oh but I LOVE the finished product, so I keep coming back for more and complaining the whole way! The shirts turned out great and I got a ton of compliments on them, but I hated every minute of creating them. The shirts either wouldn’t soak up the color or took so much of it that they were blending together to make brown! I made almost thirty shirts, so it took me hours and hours. My legs were cramping up and I tie dyed my hands, feet, legs, arms and bottom in the process. Let’s just say I have a pair of tie dyed underwear now too after sitting in some dye.

My hard work paid off!
My hard work paid off!

I know people are always saying this, but I can’t believe my first baby is four years old. Everyone will tell you that time flies and it really does. Sometimes I feel silly for taking on these projects and throwing parties that my kids will never remember, but it makes me feel really happy to make them feel special.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Party Success!

  1. Those are some awesome shirts. I actually thought about doing tie dye shirts for party favors because we did it as a craft a few weekends back, but I was worried that I’d get the size wrong. Besides, the thought of tie dying 18 shirts was NOT appealing to me! Hahaha.

    Awesome party!

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