What to do next in my career?

As you know I have been working in a new job which I accepted while I was 11 weeks pregnant. It has been tough to be the newbie and pregnant with a toddler, and then having a newborn but in the end it has been totally worth it. Lately though I have been sitting back and really thinking about my career.

I know thinking is a hard commodity to come by these days between getting up for night feedings, working a new job, and adjusting to being the primary breadwinner but I’ve found myself pondering what’s next for me in my career?

I work in a corporate environment as a technical sales person, basically I sell chemicals, reagents, and instruments for scientists to use during research and development. I get to use my brain and learn new things every day. So while I am happy with my current career I have not figured out what I want to do to advance my career path?

How I feel right now!
How I feel right now!

Do I go management? Do I go training? Do I do Marketing? eCommerce?

I should probably figure out where I see myself in 15 years, right?

All of these paths will take time to achieve but I know I need to figure it out in the next year or so to tailor my path. I feel like this is a pivotal time in my life to choose a path and hopefully move forward and upward. I think being a primary breadwinner has also made me more aware that I want to bring in more “bacon” to my family.

Gotta make that cash!
Gotta make that cash!

I am realizing that deep down inside I am a very driven person when it comes to work. While I have this drive I also realize I do want to be around for my children. I am lucky to have a husband who is supportive, but I need to figure this out and stat.

So to my other working mothers out there are you thinking about your NEXT step?  I didn’t realize how complicated this process could be and would love some other’s input and experiences.


4 thoughts on “What to do next in my career?

  1. I think the first step is knowing that you want something different. Weirdly, I think the process of figuring it out is as rewarding as getting to that next step. Just listen to your gut as you explore and good luck!

  2. After much deliberating, I just took the next step and it feels great! It will all work out for you mama!

  3. I’m SURE you will figure it out! You are very driven and I’m sure you’ll figure out what your next move should be 🙂

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