Gratitude — It Helps My Attitude!

Too tired to do anything except express gratitude today.  In no particular order:

  1. Grateful my brilliant and tenacious Union colleagues negotiated a serious raise for all of us, retroactive to last   January 1st – the first one in many, many years.
  2. Grateful that I can shop for a refrigerator at my leisure and not in a state of panic because food is rotting.
  3. Grateful to have a spiffy new SAFE car, even though I am still attached to my old car and the spiffy new one cannot replace it in my heart.
  4. Grateful to be married to a kind and gentle person who loves me enough to put up with all of my nonsense. He is a really special man.
  5. Grateful I can go to live music close to home and see amazing musicians in small venues.  It restoreth my soul.
  6. Grateful that I have hot water in the shower every day.
  7. Grateful to have dogs who think I am the most interesting person alive (especially when I am eating).
  8. Grateful that when it’s hot and humid, I have air conditioners in the rooms that matter.
  9. Grateful for public radio, which I listen to every day, and from which I learn so much.  I must remember to make a donation.
  10. Grateful to know a bunch of interesting and smart people, and grateful to have developed enough of a spine to avoid the rest.
  11. Grateful for my brain and all the things I can do with it.  Even though I feel I am less sharp than I once was, it’s still an amazing device that almost never disappoints.
  12. Grateful for my two older children having been splendidly educated and then employable in the world, while the younger one is well on his way.  This seems very miraculous to me – not because they aren’t wonderful and smart, but because there were many obstacles in the way and we conquered them together.
  13. Grateful to live so close to New York City and its cultural richness, and for the trains that take me there.
  14. Grateful that my parents have died, which may sound horrible, but I mean it in the sense that I don’t have to watch them slowly decay and worry about their well-being constantly.  It’s a devastating loss but it’s also freeing, eventually.
  15. Grateful for my excellent credit score, which I spent years restoring to health.
  16. Grateful to be an American.  Even though I sometimes get very down about certain political trends, I am free to rant and rave, and that is quite a wonderful thing.
  17. Grateful to be old!! I find that I can gleefully say to myself, “Oh well, who cares, I won’t be around to suffer the consequences,” when people fret about fracking and global warming.
  18. Grateful for my health every minute of every day.  So many people struggle with health problems and I know how lucky I am.
  19. Grateful for all the delicious food in the world, which I enjoy just a bit too much and too frequently.
  20. Last but of course not least, I am supremely grateful for my grandson, who amazes and delights me in so many ways.   Watching him play and learn and express his sense of humor (without really even being able to talk much yet) makes me so damn happy.   Now he has started kissing me goodbye when he is about to go home with his mom and dad — does it get any better than that?

There is so much more for which I am grateful, but this is what is on my mind and in my heart today.  It made me feel really good as I wrote it all down!

4 thoughts on “Gratitude — It Helps My Attitude!

  1. I LOVE your gratitude list and am seriously impressed you were able to list 20 things even while being tired. Things I’m grateful for today: (1) that I work somewhere that lets me bring my kid to the office when I don’t have daycare (like this week), (2) that I was able to see my awesome older brother in person this past week (haven’t seen him in years because we live so far away from each other) and (3) that I also have been able to see my dad who lives in Florida this week (he’s in CT helping his parents with something).

  2. It made me smile to read your list! What I love most about reading what someone else is grateful for is the “me too” that reminds me to stay centered in all I am as well.

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