Unprepared, Disorganized, Newbie Baseball Mom

There I was,  driving the 15 minutes to my in-laws with one hand on the wheel and the other handing holding my son’s baseball underwear out the window to dry – alternating between the sunroof and the driver’s side window to get the best drying effect.

It did occur to me that this wasn’t my finest mom moment. I realized that I was falling a little short on the prepared baseball (or any sport) mom thing.

Maybe other baseball moms were more on top of cycling through laundry on a 3-day baseball weekend. Maybe other moms weren’t putting half-wet cup underwear and pants on their child 5 minutes before game time. Maybe other moms weren’t opening their trunks and slapping their foreheads realizing the folding chairs were in the other car.

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Now, I am not the most organized, prepared, together mom to begin with. Add some baseball scheduling into the mix, I’m definitely not a superstar.

There are some moms who are on their 2nd or 3rd kid in little league. Those moms have 2 seasons’ worth of clothes in the minivan, a cooler packed with Gatorade and snacks, tissues, band aids, bug spray, sunscreen and probably a sharpie marker just in case a batting glove or hat didn’t have a kid’s initials in it. Those moms know every kid’s name on the team. Those moms know the score, the inning, the number of outs, the direction the wind is blowing and how much time we have until darkness. These moms probably always have the cleats, gloves, bats, batting gloves and cup in the same place so there’s no frantic scramble around the house 20 minutes before game time.

That’s a baseball mom.

Then, there’s me. My wife and I are constantly swapping cars or kids since I’m getting out of work and she’s heading to work about the time any game or practice is starting. I have no cooler of food or beverages (unless my wife packs me one). I don’t have a sweatshirt or jacket for my kids when the temps on a New England May night drop from 75 to 48 in 25 minutes. Well, there was that one time I thought I had my act together and brought paper and a portable art set for my 4 year old to entertain him during the game. Turns out that all the pieces of a cheap-o art kid melt when in 85 degree heat.

Oh well. Live and learn.

I’m beyond thankful that there’s a drugstore 75 yards from the field so I can go grab sunscreen, Gatorade and snacks when my kids (or I) start craving SOMETHING – all for probably 175% of the cost than if I had actually been more prepared in advance.

I’m not sure of the rules in little league. Something about a strikeout is 1/3 of an out. I think there’s a rule about 2 hours or 4 innings, but some umpires have started the 4th inning at 1:58 into the game, so the games can last FOREVER. I rarely know the score. Since the innings are a 5 run max, I could usually guess that if it was the end of the 2nd inning, we were probably down 10-0.

But I cheer my son. I have fun hanging with the other baseball moms (some newbies, some totally together).  I love watching him play and just hope he’s having fun. Hopefully, by next season I’ll have worked out some of the baseball mom kinks.

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