Date Night, and the Key Lime Pie That Got Away.

date night

Scene from an elusive date night.  Circa 2012.

Dear mid-level restaurant (or any restaurant for that matter)-

This past weekend my husband and I were able to score a date night, complete with a kid-free overnight, thanks to my awesome parents who took the Twosome for a sleepover.  This is no easy feat.  Hell, it’s no easy feat to even secure a date night without a sleepover!  Schedules get busy, life gets in the way, and finding the time and disposable income to finance a night fueled with drinks at the bar, apps, meals, and dessert takes coordination.  (Considering our last date night was Valentine’s Day).  There are a LOT of moving parts involved in date nights.  This being the reality of date nights for parents of kids, my husband and I chose our restaurant carefully (and again, with the help of my parents who gave me a gift card to this particular place for my birthday in December, the decision was made).

Nonni & Poppy took the kids and their toys, and Mike & I took off.  I wore perfume, a skirt, and DANGLY EARRINGS.  I was living dangerously!!  It’s date night, remember?!  You pull out all the stops for date night!  We were greeted with a 45 minute wait for our table.  No problem- drinks in the outdoor lounge it is!  It wasn’t until we were seated at our table that the problems started to creep up…  Our waitress was amazing- super attentive, fun, and very helpful with the menu, but it was a few other things that had us saying, “Hrmph… Well, that was not cool…”  Mike’s wine glass was brought out to him with (and this is a total gross out for anyone- date night or not) with a previous diner’s lipstick marks on the rim. Yeah. total gross out.  We alerted our waitress, who agreed with the gross factor, and quickly gave him a new one.  OK.  Problem solved, right?  We ordered a delicious calamari appetizer which, when it came out, we still had not been given silverware. No big.  We can eat calamari with our fingers.  Then on to our meals- Ahi Tuna dinner for him, and a Chicken Cobb salad for me.  Nothing unusual, no subs, and let’s be honest here- Mike’s dinner was basically sushi on a plate, and mine was a SALAD.  It took almost 40 minutes for our food to come out, and when it did, we were apologized to for the wait.  Oh, but wait- we were never given any silverware or napkins.  Oh, and OH WAIT- the chef didn’t put a key ingredient on my salad- the Blue Maytag cheese, and the grilled chicken was more like chicken JERKY.  So then there’s that.

Now before you get all, “OMG It’s JUST STUPID CHEESE!!”  On me, when a restaurant’s menu lists an ingredient on a salad as, “blue maytag” and not “blue cheese” you know they’re taking their salad seriously, so yeah, I kind of figured they would actually put it on the salad.  So that was really the final straw.  Our waitress apologized again, and brought out both our silverware and napkins, as well as a little cup of BLUE MAYTAG for my salad.  We were going to order dessert, but at that point we were just thinking about leaving after we ate.  Which was kind of a bummer, because the restaurant had my all time favorite dessert on the menu- Key Lime Pie.  But again, we were both just kind of done.  We finished, paid our bill, and left.  Sans key lime pie.

While this did not ruin our time together- we loved the atmosphere at the restaurant, and being able to eat food out in public without worrying about one of our children destroying everything within reach, it does bring up a lot of things crucial to date nights- They are few and far between for us, and when we do go out, we expect good service, and a good time.  It doesn’t matter where your date nights are- a fancy expensive restaurant that you have to pay for a side of mushrooms to go with your steak, or a reasonably priced national chain.  Date night is date night, and when two hard working parents are able to score one, there are some expectations that really should be met.  Like silverware and cheese on a salad.  I would’ve loved to been able to try out that key lime pie.  It’s still on my mind.  I think I’ll head over to pinterest and find a good recipe and make one for the family this weekend.


Mom without pie

7 thoughts on “Date Night, and the Key Lime Pie That Got Away.

  1. Dude. As a former server and bartender, I can recognize that these are all major flaws. Especially considering the fact that I suspect this probably considered itself an upscale restaurant and charged as such. So sorry this happened. That key lime pie should have been ON THE HOUSE! Well, here’s to date nights – no matter how off track things get – and to many, many more!

  2. OMG – sorry you had to go through that on a precious date night! But you took it all in stride. I think you should send this blog post to that restaurant’s manager and get a FREE slice of pie – you deserve it!

  3. UGH! That IS a bummer!! Date nights happen so infrequently that you want them to be extra awesome. Sorry the service and food wasn’t great and that you didn’t get that darn pie!

  4. BOO!! Glad you had a great night anyway. Seriously, I feel like you should be able to tell them “This is a DATE NIGHT, people!!” and get confetti and champagne and everything. We went out in August, then November, then again in May. Yup. THREE times in the past year. Bummer!! Hope you escape again soon– and hope it’s fantastic.

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