Making Memories One Cheese Ball at a Time

I think it’s so funny to think about the little memories that I cherish from my childhood. I remember sitting on my dad’s lap watching M*A*S*H. I am sure I had no idea why Klinger was dressing like a woman and that I didn’t even wonder. I remember browsing my parents’ 1984 encyclopedias and seeing a really intriguing illustration about evolution which I could never seem to find again despite looking for years. I remember my mom doing her exercises to the Big Chill soundtrack. I still love that soundtrack! I remember how fun it was for my mom and I to go to the mall and get Chick-Fil-A for dinner. I remember how she refused to let me get a drink there because they used Styrofoam cups, which were bad for the earth. I wonder if my parents gave any thought to how I would remember these things. They couldn’t possibly predict which memories would stick with me and which would be forgotten as I grew up.

Photo courtesy of*A*S*H_characters
Photo courtesy of*A*S*H_characters

I am hyper aware that my almost four year old is starting to store up her forever memories. I am not sure if my husband is consciously thinking about this too, or if he’s just having a fun time making his own memories with her. He’s let her stay up late for three World Cup soccer games so far. She has a special soccer outfit and they sit on the couch watching soccer together, cheering, eating cheese balls and drinking cokes. She really loves her special time with her dad. The World Cup only comes around once every four years, so why not make it something special for the two of them and break some rules!


Summer is the perfect time for making memories. There are no school nights to worry about and the evening seems to go on forever. Our bedtimes have been becoming later and later, myself included. Sunday night as we were about to get into the tub, we heard the ice cream truck and I decided to just go for it and make a memory! I grabbed the baby in her diaper and told my oldest to quickly put her clothes back on. We ran outside and crossed our fingers that the ice cream truck would come down our street like it does most evenings. We waited and waited. We finally went back in and started getting undressed for the tub again. Then we heard it again! So we threw clothes back on and ran down the block to catch it. We all sat on the couch watching the end of the game (a tie!), eating our ice cream and enjoying making wonderful summer memories. I don’t care if I’m the only one in my house who has to go anywhere all summer, I’m still loving these summer nights.

8 thoughts on “Making Memories One Cheese Ball at a Time

  1. Fantastic. You’re making your own memories at the same time, since it goes by way too fast the first time, we can relive it through our memories just like they can :).

  2. MASH is seriously one of the best shows EVER. I, too, am aware that my kids are starting to store up their memories – my earliest memory is of my second birthday and I remember blips here and there. I know that many of the moments we share now will stay with them forever, for better or for worse. SO CUTE on the ice cream truck.

  3. Awww. This was SO evocative. I was right back there on Temple Road in Philadelphia with the ice cream trucks, the lightning bugs, and my parents sitting out on the patio watching us play. We lived on a street of about 60 row houses, with lots of kids of all ages, some of whom I am still friends with through FB. It was a big thrill when the “big boys” (5 years older) let us play Running Bases with them. Definitely memory making — you are so right about the magic of summer. Thanks for this reminder, Jenn.

  4. great post, Jenn! i love the little bits of fun that we carry with us as we get older. I cherish the “little things” more than anything, and i really wonder what my kids will carry with them.

  5. Love this! I always wonder which memories will stick. I have lots of fond memories of weird little things too from childhood. What a wonderful memory you made with the ice cream truck!!

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