Momfession: I Don’t Enjoy Imaginative Play

As a kid I loved using my imagination. I loved playing with my barbies and doing things like creating cool cardboard houses for them. I loved doing stuff like playing “school” with my friends. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of times when I just let my imagination run wild.

So imagine my surprise that one of my least favorite things to do with my own child is imaginative play.

Take her out to a new-to-us playground? YES!

Have to play dress up for the millionth time while she dictates to me exactly what she wants me to do? Not my favorite.

Head to the pet store after picking her up from daycare to say hi to the dogs in doggy day care and the kittens? YES!

Play “picnic” on her bed with her stuffed animals? Not my favorite.

Have a super fun dance party in the middle of the living room? YES!

Play pretend with the dolls in her dollhouse? Not my favorite.

Read her books from her awesome, growing book collection? YES!

Make her farm animals talk to each other? Not my favorite.

Go for a walk outside together, looking for flowers and other fun things? YES!

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love watching her engage in imaginative play. It’s just my own personal momfession that I don’t find it very stimulating. I’m quick to say, “let’s do this instead!” and am lucky that my husband actually really enjoys playing pretend with her. Just the other day I came home from running an errand to discover that she dressed him up in her dress up clothes and dubbed him a prince. I honestly do feel guilty that I don’t like this kind of play but I hope I make up for it in other ways – like always taking her on fun outside-of-the-house adventures and teaching her how to do arts & crafts.

Silly girl! I might not enjoy playing dress up but at least I know how to make her (and her stuffed animals) cute tutus. That counts, right?
Silly girl! I might not enjoy playing dress up but at least I know how to make her (and her stuffed animals) cute tutus. That counts, right?

7 thoughts on “Momfession: I Don’t Enjoy Imaginative Play

  1. LOL Michelle- i tend to agree with you! i’m totally cool with the playground and digging, baking cupcakes, play doh, but sit and stay play? my imagination runs away with me! LOL!

  2. Me too! I never enjoyed getting on the floor and playing with trains or Matchbox cars. Nothankyouverymuch. Loved going for nature walks, cooking, crafts, playing board games, and reading.

  3. We all have our own preferences– and that’s totally fine! When she gets older, other kids will also like and dislike certain kinds of play, and it’s great for her to realize that people have different “favorite activities” that might not be the same as hers…yet they can still love her and want to play other things with her. I LOVE imaginative play…but the “Snap Circuits” Nate loves? I can’t stand them! Nothing about setting up different kinds of electrical circuits with a diagram screams “fun” to me…and I have told him “I will help you if you need help, but I’m not a Snap Circuits fan. If you want to do an art project though, let me know!” My thinking is that they can tell if it’s forced on our part, and that feels fake to them, so I just tell the truth.

      1. I remember those days, I would have preferred stabbing myself in the eye than playing dress up or worse sports, where he bossed me around for hours! Lol

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