7 thoughts on “What I look like in the morning now.

  1. Hahaha! Yes, definitely, just 5-10 more years of it :). Hugs! Yes, it totally gets better Kriste… at least the sleep part!

  2. You are brave and adorable. I wear little to no makeup and I still would not be cool with having a camera this close to my face. (Lucky for you, you can pull it off.) Thanks for the laugh today!

  3. I vaguely remember the woman who used to be able to sit and read a book before going to work. An actual book. That was lifetimes ago. Now it’s the mad dash for me too! It gets better, so they tell me. LOL You’re rocking it as always!

  4. You are SO STINKIN CUTE!!! OMG, welcome back! The brushing teeth thing made me laugh because I ALWAYS FORGET if I’ve brushed my teeth – fortunately, whenever I forget, I go and brush it again. Hubby told me the other day that I brushed my teeth THREE TIMES. But somehow, having kids makes us forget altogether what we’ve done!

    I always forget if I’ve eaten dinner, too. Sadly, I think that means that I eat more than once…

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