Planning a House Renovation

While the past three weeks have been insanely busy and draining, it has been extremely rewarding and gratifying. At least three hours each night we work on the new house and on the weekends we average thirty hours! Between ripping out floors to demoing a kitchen and painting nine rooms in three weeks, we’ve done it all.

The reason for this is the great support system we created months before start of construction. There is not enough preparing one can do for such an undertaking. However, for those of you who are thinking about or actually in the middle of a major house renovation please see my tips below for a smoother process.


–        At least a month in advance, create a babysitter schedule that includes the dates/times of the confirmed sitter. Make sure you always have someone as a backup in case the primary sitter cancels.

–        Create a construction schedule, which includes a daily list of goals and errands you have to make.

–        Create a contact list of all contractors and workers. Be sure to include their cell phone and email address along with any other pertinent information, such as payment schedules.

–        Compile a list of friends and family who are willing to help work on the house. Be sure to get from them the days that work best for their schedule.

–        What’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine. My husband and I are working very well together (not a lot of arguing going on) and I think it’s because we have our own house projects. He is responsible for the demoing and rebuilding and I’m responsible for the painting and cleaning.

–        Set up a kitchen area. Somewhere in the house, place a long table and that is where all your food items go. Water bottles, utensils, along with plates and napkins. Keep this area clean and when your take out arrives (no one cooks during renovations), just place on the table and all the items you need are just a finger tip away.

Happy Renovating!

2 thoughts on “Planning a House Renovation

  1. What a fantastic post!! Great tips here. Love following along with the photos on Facebook. I want to come see it all in person!

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