Kids at Play


One of my favorite things to do now that Jake is older (3 and a half- that’s big, people), is to take him on play dates.  We’re kind of new to the play date scene, as I was pregnant with Livvy last summer, so we didn’t get out much aside from a Dairy Queen drive thru trip, and a play date was Jake and myself outside at the water table trying to cool off.  Let me tell you a little something else about play dates- they are also a hidden Momma secret to getting in extra quality time with your girlfriends- Read: girlfriends I hung with before kids and had oh, all the time in the world.  Pretty much any time that I get to hang with one of my BFFs and get our kids playing and running around is a double win.  Hmmm… you may be saying to yourself. Have I read this post before, or am I just having a bad case of deja vu? Nope- it’s not Mommy Brain kicking in, my homegirl Tara posted yesterday about our play date!

Here’s a pic of Tara (in the blue tee shirt) and myself (in the pink tee shirt) scavenging through our goodie bags after the Red Dress Run in 2009. Not much has changed with us- we’re still running, and still scavenging for post-race freebies, but now we do it with small children.

me and t


But enough about pre-kid throwbacks.  If you remember Tara’s post, we started our day at the KidsPlay Museum on Main Street in downtown Torrington.  For only $5.00 per person, kids under the age of one are free, we were able to let the kids roam the museum as they wished.  The set up is great- there are play stations all over that appeal to boys and girls, and babies to big kids.  It’s really quite fun to see what each kid gravitated toward.  Both of the kids loved “shopping” at the grocery store station, and the light table was also a huge hit.


While the two may have been a little apprehensive upon their initial set up (I mean, meet up), heh heh, before we knew it, they were playing together like old friends.  They were like little partners in crime!  Chasing after each other, sharing toys, dancing on the sound stage, playing in the kitchen, whatever they were doing, I could not help but stop and stare in awe at their joyful play.  And that’s the best part of a play date- it’s like an observation in pure joy.


As a working mom, I find any chance I get to just watch my children in their element.  It’s like I’m stealing these moments all to myself, and when I’m tucked away at my desk at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, I can’t help but smile when I think back on the fun they had doing what they do best- playing and being damn cute while doing it.  After the museum we headed to S&S Sweet Treats for lunch (and ice cream. LOTS of ice cream).  We prolonged our day by stopping off at the Town’s mini kid’s carnival where we couldn’t help but indulge the kids (who obviously did not want the day to end either), in a train ride.  Our playdate had such a fairytale ending- a few trips around the track with the two of them riding side by side.  And there we stood, just watching, smiling, clapping, and LOVING our kids loving life.



3 thoughts on “Kids at Play

  1. I LOVE playdates for the exact reasons you mention! I get in girlfriend time and my girl gets the same 🙂

  2. What a great day! Definitely need to make more time for play dates this summer! What’s better than being able to catch up with good friends and watch our kids burn some energy? Not much 🙂

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