The Throne Room

My favorite room in the house, and I suspect, a top choice of many moms, is the bathroom.  It’s one of the few places a mom can go where it is understood she needs some privacy.


Of course when the kids were little, I had to bring them in with me for safety purposes.  That was not as relaxing as I like my visits to the throne to be.  I like to settle in with a good book, magazine, or my cell phone (loaded with word games, solitaire and other fun distractions).  It’s a place to clear my mind after my work day but it’s also a place in which I’ve always felt supremely comfortable and at peace.

As a kid, I used to borrow volumes of the World Book Encyclopedia from the public library, and the bathroom was where I would expand my mind.  I was lucky to grow up in a house with two bathrooms – otherwise, I don’t think I would have learned as much as I did.  In England, often the tubs are in a separate room from the toilets:  the “bathroom” is literally the room with the bath, and to find the other one, you have to ask “Where is the TOILET?” which is MOST uncomfortable.  But the idea of separating the two activities is brilliant, I think.

I do my best thinking in the shower.  I have solved many dilemmas while washing my hair, both work-related and family-related.  I think it’s the absence of distractions, or maybe the running water pounding on me that sparks creativity.  My house has magnificent water pressure, the envy of all my guests.  I have never had a shower anywhere else that could compare.

I also love to take a nice hot bath.  It’s another reading opportunity, of course, but it also lets me exfoliate dead skin and pick away at other things on my body that I am normally too rushed to examine.  I know it sounds gross, but I think EVERYONE secretly likes to do this.  Our tub is very old, like the house, and therefore very deep, unlike modern tubs, and I really do enjoy relaxing there.  However, my favorite baths ever have been in those tubs with underwater jets, which I have experienced in various hotels in my travels.  I would love to get one of those installed at home.



Ideal tub, found in Barbados

Until then, though, it’s a top priority for me when planning vacations.  Some people like an ocean view, but I prefer a fancy tub.  I remember various trips by the bathrooms I have experienced.  When we went to San Francisco, we had a big glass shower with a waterfall showerhead, and one of those bowl sinks.  When we went to Barbados, there was a tub with jets next to a wall of glass blocks, which let in a beautiful light.  When we went to a bed and breakfast in midstate NY, the water in the shower was so full of sulfur that I could not get clean.  I picked that room because of the two-person hot tub it featured, but it was rather revolting to soak with my hubby in a bubbling cauldron of sulfur!  That was 2008, and it was the last time we ever stayed in a bed and breakfast.  It was such a terrible experience all around, from finding a person sleeping in our room when we arrived, to the rudeness of the owners, to the stingy breakfasts, that we vowed never to go to a B&B again.  That is how strong the influence of the bathroom can be.

sulfur springs

Bubbling Cauldron of Sulfur – not very romantic


My Fantasy Toilet

Flushing is another big issue for me.  I bought highly recommended toilets because they were supposed to roar with power and whisk away the contents of the bowl in seconds.  However, I thought I was getting the kind that has a special insert in the tank that is jet propelled, but I was wrong.  They are good enough toilets, I guess, but the one downstairs was repaired by my dear husband not too long ago and now one has to hold down the handle for months to get the damn thing to work.  HE insists there’s no difference.   Prior to these, I had toilets with padded seats.  They weren’t so easy to clean, but oh my, the comfort!  I could have read the entire 20 volumes of the World Book Encyclopedia in one sitting.


World Book

 The World Book Encyclopedia — perfect for the Throne Room

But life gets in the way and like everyone else, I find that I am too busy too much of the time to properly savor my time in my favorite room.   That may add to the cachet – the fact that I always have to leave for more pressing matters.   Do any of you moms love the throne room too?

7 thoughts on “The Throne Room

  1. I am laughing. I am laughing. Thanks for this Randi. I thoroughly enjoy my locked door time too. And thank you now for the images of all of us trying to squeeze into our too-small tubs for just one freakin moment of relaxation!

  2. Hahahaha oh Randi, I love your posts. I would LOVE to be able to take baths in our house but I tried once and discovered our bath tub is not deep enough. Like, I looked totally ridiculous! My daughter is still at an age where she comes running if she hears me going into the bathroom so I don’t get much peace in there anymore! She really has a magical skill – she can be ROOMS away and somehow know I’m in there.

    1. Michelle, no one is watching you! Doesn’t matter how you look. You should see me trying to get OUT of the tub. We don’t have a proper grab bar so I have to twist and turn until I can get the right angle to hoist my exfoliated self out of the water. Picture Shamu’s big trick of jumping out of the tank at SeaWorld — except he is more graceful than I am.

      Yes, I recall the supersonic bathroom detector that all kids seem to have. My dogs have it too! For some reason they love hanging out with me in there.

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