Our First Family Vacation

We had been told, believed, and were prepared for our first family “vacation”. A lot of people warned us that a “vacation” is actually a trip when it’s done with kids. In the end, our family vacation was all things fantastic and exhausting rolled into one.don and mom smiling

As the mom, in our family, I worked my ass off during this trip…which paid off. My children had a freaking ball, my only goal, and my greatest joy. But… I was tired, man.

I did a lot. I organized the days, meals, and adventures. I planned all daily clothes and washed clothes. I gave daily baths. I made meals. I cleaned dishes. I read bed time stories. I changed diapers…all of them mind you. My husband did help…but it was help. I was on all day, every day.

Despite the exhaustion and occasional frustration, our first family “trip” was fantastic. I fell deeper in love with my children and our family, and their love for us and one another grew stronger. We enjoyed each other and had a lot of fun together. We made some amazing memories and are excited to go away together again in the future.

This vacation also taught me a lot about myself and my role as a mom. Being a mom is a ton of work mixed with a lot of love, incredible eeds asleepjoy, great belly laughs, and so, so many emotions. While enjoying the kids, you’re also unbelievably exhausted, all while realizing how quickly they’re growing, and how fast the experiences go by. The mom experience is the very definition of bitter sweet.

We came back from vacation on Saturday. I wanted to give the kids the weekend to recover before heading back to childcare. Also, it was Memorial Day and we had a Parade and baseball to attend.

Even with the prep time, this morning’s drop off at childcare was a tough one. One of the hardest we’ve had. It is always rough coming back from time away, but this time, again, as the mom, I had to help both of my children deal with those feelings. It was painful, but it was also time for work, so those emotions got dealt with, and then time to move on.

As our little family embarks on the next chapter, summer time, I am looking forward to enjoying one another and all of the fabulous moments we will get to experience together. I’m also taking a lot of deep breaths and focusing on enjoying the present, as exhausting as it may be. I may not have any control over how fast things go by, but I can control how I handle it. And I suppose, that will have to do.

2 thoughts on “Our First Family Vacation

  1. We are on our first family trip slash conference trip. It has been amazing to see all the wonders of planes, trains, squirrels, and more through the eyes of our three year old. I am sure when we get back home next week it will be tough to get back to our routine but it will be filled with great memories.

  2. Glad you had a great family vaca! I love the idea of just trying to enjoy the moment, even if you’re exhausted 🙂

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