Junk My Kid Loves

Lately, baby girl’s personality is really shining, and boy is she opinionated.  Generally a pretty happy, easygoing kid, she is also sure to keep us up-to-date on her likes and dislikes.  In particular, she has been showing a strong preference for certain toys recently, so I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to share some of her favorites.  SPOILER ALERT: this post is a testament to the fact that the best things in life are free – or at least it’s junk you already had in your house.

Glass doorknob.  Clear and glossy, it has a unique round shape and makes a distinct (but sometimes scary) clicking noise.  Incredibly, it turns to the left AND right.  There are quite a few of these in our house, but the one on mom’s closet door is particularly hilarious, as evidenced by the fact that one of baby girl’s first giggles came while she stared intently at it.  What can I say, doorknobs are a riot.

TV remote(s).  Easily her favorite toy in the house, it has many buttons with funny symbols on them, and enticing colors such as red and green.  The gray remote is heavy and hard for tiny fingers to grasp, so I would recommend the slimmer black one.  Baby has made up a fun game where she tries to put the remote in her mouth and her mom and dad simultaneously shout, “NO!”  Related is the game where baby presses four buttons at the same time and her parents spend the whole evening trying to undo the new ultra-saturated color setting.  Literally hours of “fun.”

"Hey, give me that!"
“Hey, give me that!”

Piece of paper.  This thing is pure magic.  White with dark squiggles, it starts out flat, but little hands mold it into a tattered, crumpled ball in just seconds.  It makes an amazing crinkle sound when grabbed and tastes better than 3 am breast milk.  The best are the ones that say “Amount Due” somewhere on them.  Razor sharp corners and edges are perfect for waving in front of delicate baby corneas.

Throw pillow.  An excellent conversationalist and apparently a great listener, the blue throw pillow on our couch has been the object of much talking, laughing, and whining from our baby.  Its intricate embroidery just begs to be broken and unraveled by little fingernails, and the white background is perfect for throwing up on.  Thankfully, the pillow cover is machine washable.

Their daily chat session
Their daily chat session

That musical light-up plastic thing that requires 8 AA batteries?  Eh.  Posh $30 rubber teether?  She’ll consider it.  BPA free, dye free, cruelty free, organic bath toy?  Puh-lease.  Lesson learned: don’t invest a lot of money on baby toys because little ones greatly prefer household junk to anything that someone designed specifically for them.  I’m just thankful that she hasn’t discovered the pots and pans cabinet yet!

6 thoughts on “Junk My Kid Loves

  1. Boxes and empty containers are the bomb. My son loves oatmeal canisters — punch out the bottom of one to make a tunnel for a bonus toy.

  2. Great post, too funny. My one year old loves door hinges (cringe), toothbrushes (no one’s is safe under the sink), and zippers.

  3. I so love this!!!! Wait until your kid discovers calculators – we had one of those big button ones (like the ones used behind cash registers at the convenience store) and OMG…my children could play with those things forever. My kids STILL love it – they call it “the money machine.”

  4. Love this. Don’t fear the pots and pans cabinet. I’m convinced that’s what initiated our daughter’s current love of cooking. We’d take out a few and spoons, etc and put them on the kitchen floor. She’d play them while we got dinner ready, it was pure joy.

  5. Ha! I love reading your posts because it brings me back to the baby days. So true that babies don’t really need the expensive toys. Love the cover of that pillow! Your baby girl has good taste 🙂

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