We Be Three, Mother’s Day, and Other Important Stuffs

Grateful doesn’t begin to cover it. With the hustle and bustle of home life and work, it’s easy for me to take the little stuff for granted. The weather sure helped me to stop and notice that little stuff, when added up, equaled something pretty big. The warm weather, the lighter days, the sunshine. The ability to sit in the grass and BREATHE.

So, this was my week:

Pretty smooth daycare dropoffs. My daughter has been a little clingy lately, so this was a big success. Yay!

Future's so bright, shoulda worn shades.
Future’s so bright, shoulda worn shades.

Went to my brother’s house and hung out with family. My husband was still in the throes of his busy time of year at work earlier last week, so Bean and I jumped at the chance of having dinner taken care of. Just a handful of us, nothing fancy, cousins got to run around and get crazy, watched the sun go down and the stars come up.

Born free.
Born free.

Hit up a free puppet show featuring Tanglewood Marionettes  (I’d never heard of them, either) sponsored by our local library. Marionettes, yo. That guy was incredible.

Sleeping Beauty.
Sleeping Beauty.

Road race the next morning. Big shout out to my husband who pushed the stroller so that Mama could run unencumbered. Placed second in my division for two years running. This is not as impressive as it sounds. It’s a small race. Who cares, I’ll take it!

Gentleman in running shorts.
Gentleman in running shorts.

Mother’s Day was lovely with quick family visits and thoughtful gifts. Did some yard work, got a color change on my nails. Got to be “right” all day, cause it’s my day.

Work has been hellacious for the past couple of weeks due to crazy deadlines, being short staffed, and attitudes running deep. Monday morning’s coffee was strong, I decided to take my daughter’s advice and Let It Go, and the day sailed by. I got major work done and was relatively pleasant to be around, if I do say so myself. Well, thank you, self. And those are some sharp slacks you’re wearing.

Reminded myself to wish good toward and silently send love and happiness to those people that create or increase negativity in my life. Why do I always forget that I can do this? It’s simple, it’s free, and best of all, IT WORKS.

My daughter turns three this month. Big stuff. Bronx Zoo is the plan as it was a big hit last year. Plan B in case of rain is yet to be determined. But no stress. Again, she’s three so we could eat candy and watch Frozen all day and it would be awesomesauce. And we all have the day off, so whatever happens, it’s cool.

Actually, everything’s cool. Thank you, Mr. Blue Sky and Sweet Lady Sun. Welcome back, balmy breezes, green grass, and pretty little flowers.


**Update: The weather was lovely, and we had an awesome day at the Bronx Zoo.**

My little pollinator, Midge.
My little pollinator, Midge.

6 thoughts on “We Be Three, Mother’s Day, and Other Important Stuffs

  1. Hahaha, the Midge Fly – I have that EXACT picture, only different face(s). The Bronx Zoo is hands down my favorite place to go with the kids. I just love it SO MUCH. Despite the honking horns in the background, there is something so zen about strolling around with your family in a place where life is so full. Hopefully you had a chance to eat at Arthur Ave!!!!

    Your week sounds awesome. The realization of sending good vibes is awesome, too. It works, for sure!

  2. I agree with Cora-that’s great advice! I have to remember that! And thank you for spelling the word “throes” correctly. LOL.

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