Mother’s Day Week Craziness

I had a few topics to write about this week and then it hit me that this weekend was Mother’s Day. It completely snuck up on me. I am totally unprepared to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom or my wife, besides Lois is working all day on Sunday, so we may just skip any fancy celebrations anyway.

I thought about making my post tonight all about Mother’s Day. Last year, I did an ode to my mom – who I feel blessed to have as my mom. This Mother’s Day, I wanted to put the spotlight on the woman I choose to be a mom with, my wife. When I mentioned this to her, she said “Oh. no. Please don’t write about me.” For once, I’ll listen to her, and that will be her Mother’s Day gift.

Instead of odes or insightful words on moms, I decided to just reveal a few random things about mommyhood as it seems to occur in our home this week:


My boys are starting to become very aware of swearing. Andrew (7) reported to me this week that he knows what the “F word” is and even spelled it for me. Awesome. But now, they ask me if everything is a bad word.
“Mommy, is gosh a bad word?”
“Mommy, is ridiculous a bad word?”
“Mommy, is stupid a bad word?
“Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy”
They are also very keen on tattling when a bad word is spoken. 3 times in the past 48 hours Dylan yelled out “Mommy, Andrew used a bad word! He said ‘hate’ and ‘hate’ is a bad word, right mommy?”

# 2

We have to create new rules in our home from time to time. Sometimes, you’d think you wouldn’t have to actually state certain rules, they should go without saying. Obviously, that common sense goes out the window when you are a mom. Tonight alone, the following rules were stated clearly as being non-negotiable rules in our home:

(a) you cannot reach down your pants and grab your pee-pee while we are at the dinner table
(b) you cannot stand up in your dinner chair and toot (aka fart) while at dinner
(c) you cannot climb up on the bathroom counter and make a foot bath for yourself in the bathroom sink, especially without parental supervision
(d) you cannot tie your blanket around the fan and try to talk your brother into turning the fan on while you hold onto the blanket (the new bunk beds may be too close to the ceiling fan…)


My boys were on America’s Funniest Home Videos a few weeks back (with this gem) and they were very proud of themselves. Now, it seems like they would like to get on it again. I’m constantly inundated with ideas.

“Mommy, if I put my Superman cape on and rode my bike backwards and crashed, do you think we’d end up on TV again?”

“Mommy, if I rode my skateboard down the grassy hill into the deck and you videotaped it, can we get on America’s Funniest Home Videos again?”

“Mommy, did you just catch that on video? You didn’t? Do you want me to do it again so we can send it in to America’s Funniest Home Videos?”

– – – – –

Maybe this is all humorous. Maybe it will make people think we are horrible mothers. But this is what life is like as a mommy in our home. It’s never, ever, ever dull. And it’s always worth it. As we get the boys settled down for the night and tuck them in, the sweetness sets in and we get the tough, crazy little boys hanging onto our necks for an extra second while they say “I wuv you to infinity.”
While all of this is chaotic and tiring, I am unbelievably blessed.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!


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